Labor export: opportunities in 2015

15:15 | 02/03/2015 Society

More than 100,000 Vietnamese workers went abroad to work last year, doubling the yearly target by the Ministry of Labor, Invalids, and Social Affairs.

Labor export: opportunities in 2015

It aims to maintain contracts in traditional labor markets this year while penetrating high-income niches. Improving the quality of overseas workers is also a key task.
Last year overseas Vietnamese workers increased in major markets: 62,000 workers in Chinese Taiwan, 20,000 workers in Japan, 4 thousand workers in Saudi Arabia, and 1 thousand workers in Qatar.

Maintaining shares in traditional markets, expanding to high-income markets

Chinese Taiwan recruited 62,000 Vietnamese workers to become the biggest employer of Vietnamese workers in 2014. Taiwan will remain Vietnam’s top labor market in 2015 because its economic and employment policies have been stable since 2011. Tong Hai Nam, Deputy Director of the Overseas Labor Management Department, said “In 2015 Taiwan will continue to be the biggest importer of Vietnamese workers. Vietnam has focused on recruitment and training to improve the quality of workers.”

Japan has several work and study opportunities for Vietnamese workers and apprentices. Japan has a high demand for skilled workers and apprentices in construction, mechanics, manufacturing, agriculture, healthcare, and food processing.

Vietnam has surveyed new markets, which have better working conditions and higher salaries, in Africa and the Middle East. Vietnam will sign contracts with Angola and Saudi Arabia. With the formation of the ASEAN community, Vietnam expects to increase workers abroad. ASEAN’s agreement on equivalent skills recognition will allow free movement of accountants, architects, dentists, doctors, engineers, nurses, drivers, and tourist staff.

Improving the quality of workers

In order to fulfill labor export contracts in 2015 and later, Vietnam is paying particular attention to improving the quality of workers. Tong Hai Nam, Deputy Director of the Overseas Labor Management Department, said a limited number of high-quality workers were sent to the Republic of Korea in the past. Over the past 2 years, the Overseas Labor Management Department signed two cooperative agreements with Japan and Germany to recruit, train, and send nursing assistants to work there. Minister of Labor, Invalids, and Social Affairs Pham Thi Hai Chuyen said “The government has approved our plan to reform vocational training to access advanced technology and improve the quality of vocational teachers. This year we will benefit from 34 ASEAN-standard vocational training programs and will send teachers to train abroad. About 500 teachers and 45 managers of vocational training centers have been trained abroad.”

Vietnam will promote the image of Vietnamese guest workers internationally. Minister Chuyen added that “Workers will learn basic facts about the local country, people, customs, traditions, and work regulations. About 70 companies are providing basic training courses. The Ministry will issue specific regulations for training companies to ensure the quality of overseas Vietnamese workers.”

 Source VOV News