La Hien company cements its contribution to market stability

15:00 | 24/06/2022 Companies

(VEN) - Its advantages and collective intelligence as well as successful efforts to save production costs and effective application of technical initiatives in production have enabled the VVMI La Hien Cement Joint Stock Company to operate effectively, contributing to market stability.

Numerous difficulties

In 2021, the domestic cement market continued to face fierce competition. The company’s products had to compete fiercely with many other cement brands. To enhance productivity and product quality, the company had to improve its two production lines which commenced operations in 2005 with low design capacity. Meanwhile, the instability of global cement prices led to decreases in domestic prices, affecting the company’s sales.

la hien company cements its contribution to market stability
The La Hien cement plant

Despite these difficulties, the company successfully accomplished its production and business tasks for 2021.

The company’s leadership manages the implementation of production and business plans in accordance with the resolution of its shareholders’ meeting. Thanks to appropriate policies, the company has maintained stable sales in traditional markets.

Effective solutions

In 2021, the company fulfilled or exceeded most of its targets. Specifically, it sold 805,916.11 tonnes of cement earning more than VND734.62 billion; its pretax profit reached more than VND68.38 billion; worker incomes averaged VND14.166 million per person, 29.8 percent above projection.

Also in 2021, the company’s leadership coordinated with its trade union to launch role-model campaigns in each division and workshop and production teams, encouraging all employees to successfully accomplish their assignments.

The company has brought into play its advantages to save production costs and effectively applied technical initiatives in production, while choosing suitable markets to promote sales.

In 2021, along with maintaining stable production to ensure worker livelihoods and shareholder interests, the company seriously implemented environmental protection regulations and intensified the dissemination of information in this field.

In 2022, along with promoting production and trade, the VVMI La Hien Cement Joint Stock Company continues to implement the Law on Environmental Protection and related legal documents. The ISO 14001:2015 environmental management system and an automated environmental monitoring system continue to help the company enhance production efficiency and protect the environment.

Chi Hoang