Kyodo Sojitz: A leading feed manufacturer in Vietnam

10:45 | 09/01/2018 Companies

(VEN) - With the support of the local government, Kyodo Sojitz is strengthening its position as a leading feed manufacturer in Vietnam, with quality products, modern technology and competitive prices. Vietnam Economic News’ Minh Duc talked with Takanobu Hama, General Director of the Kyodo Sojitz Feed Co., Ltd.

kyodo sojitz a leading feed manufacturer in vietnam

Why did the Sojitz Corporation decide to establish Kyodo Sojitz, a feed manufacturing business, in Long An Province in 2011 when the Vietnamese economy was experiencing a crisis?

At that time, the Vietnamese economy was experiencing a short-term crisis, but we believed it would grow further in the medium and long term. The rapid growth of Vietnam’s population is also an important factor that interests most businesses operating in food-related fields like Sojitz. These positive assessments have encouraged us to decide to invest in Vietnam.

Sojitz Corporation and Feed One Co., Ltd are the two investors of Kyodo Sojitz. The Sojitz Corporation entered the Vietnamese market in 1986 and has gradually built value chains in the fields of food and retail to serve domestic consumer needs. The corporation has associated with the Feed One Co., Ltd to establish the Kyodo Sojitz Feed Co., Ltd.

We decided to choose Long An to base our business because the province has a favorable geographical location. Long An Province offers us favorable conditions to transport materials by waterway to international seaports. The Vietnamese government pays great attention to improving infrastructure to facilitate business access to the Mekong Delta, a large feed market, through which businesses can enter the Cambodian market. The local government of Long An Province is also willing to support businesses. About 10 years ago, we were welcomed by the provincial people’s committee and the Long An Economic Zone Authority. Today, we continue receiving active support from local authorities. We would like to express our sincere thanks to provincial leaders, as well as experts, for their active support.

kyodo sojitz a leading feed manufacturer in vietnam

Could you say something about Kyodo Sojitz’s products?

A special product that makes us proud is Mama 7, crystal creep feed for piglets. This product is made with a specific technology, and in Vietnam only Kyodo Sojitz is capable to manufacture such products. We had surveyed the Vietnamese feed market, collected farmers’ feedback and worked with Feed One’s product researchers in Japan to create suitable products. We manage the manufacturing process according Japanese standards and pay primary attention to ensuring product quality. We are confident of Kyodo Sojitz’ capability to compete with other feed companies in terms of product quality and price. That is our strength.

What is the position of Kyodo Sojitz’s products in the market?

In the past, we had become a major rival for other foreign feed companies in the Vietnamese market. But over the last one year, due to decreases in pork prices, we have encountered difficulties and become a rival also for domestic feed companies. We have learned carefully about the domestic market demand to take suitable steps. We have been very happy to see our products accepted in the Vietnamese market and will expand the manufacturing of products which have been accepted by local customers.

Could you share the results Kyodo Sojitz has achieved in Vietnam?

Our company began production in 2013. As the first Japanese feed company in Vietnam, it took Kyodo Sojitz a certain period of time to get its products accepted in the Vietnamese market. Despite all difficulties, our sales in the first half of this year, compared with the same period three years ago, have grown 200 percent, and we believe we will reap better results.

What are your views on the investment environment in Long An Province?

Long An is a good place to invest in as the provincial government is willing to support businesses. We have received active support from the Thinh Phat Industrial Park where our plant is based. We encountered no difficulties in recruiting workers and will continue employing local workers to contribute to Long An Province’s development.

Do you have any messages for Kyodo Sojitz’s partners and customers on the occasion of the 30th anniversary of foreign direct investment (FDI) in Vietnam?

First of all, I would like to say congratulations on the 30th anniversary of FDI in Vietnam and express my sincere thanks to local authorities, as well as our customers and partners. Thanks to the support of the local government, the trust of customers and the cooperation of our partners, we have seen our successful operations in Vietnam. We will strive to further contribute to the Vietnamese economy in the next three decades.

Minh Duc