KVT completes turn-around at GPP Dinh Co

09:07 | 11/11/2019 Companies

(VEN) - The Vung Tau Gas Processing Company (KVT) has completed turn-around in gas interruption stage at the Dinh Co Gas Processing Plant (GPP Dinh Co). This is the fourth major turn-around since 2005, which was carried out for 12 days in September and October 2019.

kvt completes turn around at gpp dinh co

KVT and the PetroVietnam Gas Services planned and prepared for turn-around since 2018. The whole mission was successful in all three goals: Safety (no accidents and incidents), quality (equipment is strictly controlled and works well after turn-around), and progress (on schedule). Of which, safety was given a top priority.

In this year’s turn-around, KVT and the PetroVietnam Gas Services worked together to complete overhaul of 51 main technology equipment items, 21 regular maintenance and repair works, nine unscheduled repairs, 23 preventive maintenance works, and four calibration works. After 12 days and nights of turn-around, KVT granted 437 safety control licenses, such as 16 for equipment working in confined space, 260 for cutting and welding points, 50 for areas using cranes, and 20 for positions working on towers.

kvt completes turn around at gpp dinh co

During the implementation process, the two units also guided more than 20 contractors to ensure safety. About 600 equipment items were used at the site, while safety and security were absolutely guaranteed, with no labor accidents or unfortunate incidents.

Turn-around achieved success thanks to accurate work planning, proper assignment of personnel, well preparation and coordination between KVT, the PetroVietnam Gas Services, and contractors, as well as close guidance of the board of managers and turn-around section head, and continuous efforts of more than 600 workers, with the goal of ensuring safety, continuity and efficiency of GPP Dinh Co and the entire gas system.

Kim Ngan