Kon Tum exploits potential, advantages to develop supporting industry

10:00 | 29/10/2021 Industry

(VEN) - The Central Highland province of Kon Tum is determined to  promote the potential and advantages of local supporting industry so that by 2025, it can meet about 10 percent of the province's industrial production needs.

Kon Tum Province promotes local advantages effectively to develop support industries

The Party and State have both prioritized the development of Vietnamese supporting industry. Accordingly, Kon Tum Province has developed and issued supporting industry development policies.

These include a 2017 plan issued by the People's Committee of Kon Tum on the implementation of the Prime Minister’s decision on the management of the Supporting Industry Development Program in Kon Tum Province and a 2018 plan for implementation of provincial supporting industry development during the 2019-2025 period. The supporting industry development policies formulated by Kon Tum Province were all oriented to those of other localities throughout the country, promoting the potential and advantages of the province in terms of geographical location, infrastructure, land, and raw materials.

In recent years, the province has implemented administrative reforms, improved the quality of human resources and encouraged local businesses to expand cooperation in production and business with domestic and foreign partners.

The Provincial People's Committee has directed that the state’s supporting industry development policies and specific incentives be widely disseminated to encourage individuals and organizations to develop support industries. The province has also spent a considerable amount of local budget to promote information dissemination in the mass media about supporting industry activities, helping local departments and sectors better understand the effects of support industries on local economic development.

In order to promote the development of supporting industries, Kon Tum Province will effectively promote its advantages to boost the development of support industries, such as its strategic location on the Indochina T-junction. The Bo Y International Border Gate Economic Zone also has promising potential to promote investment, being an important transit point which can facilitate trade with key economic regions of the country and other countries in Southeast Asia.

With its potential and strengths, Kon Tum Province has set a target for its supporting industry facilities to

meet about 10 percent of the province's industrial production needs by 2025 to serve industries such as

textiles, leather and footwear, electronic components and parts, plastic, rubber and the high-tech industry.

Vu Le