Kieu Ky, original gold-laminating village

09:23 | 18/05/2016 Industry

(VEN) - Kieu Ky Village which is located in Gia Lam District’s Kieu Ky Commune in Hanoi is struggling to develop its gold-laminating craft.

Kieu Ky, original gold-laminating village

Deputy Minister of Industry and Trade Hoang Quoc Vuong meets Kieu Ky Gold-laminating Cooperative representatives

Kieu Ky has been established for more than four centuries as one of Hanoi’s most well-known craft villages. Kieu Ky-based craftspeople have now been seen working in large cities and provinces across the country such as Hanoi, Bac Ninh, Nam Dinh and Hue.

Director of the Kieu Ky Gold-laminating Cooperative Le Ba Chung said this craft requires patience, technique and a windless working environment. Workers will laminate gold or silver bullion by special hammers to a certain width and length which will later be cut into squares and placed in a holder made of rice paper pieces painted several times with a mixture of soot and buffalo skin-based glue. Every set of holders including some 500 pieces will be hammered as thin as possible. A skilled worker can laminate one tenth of a tael of gold into nearly 1,000 gold leaves able to cover a 1sq.m area and will use a bone or bamboo trowel-like tools while gold-plating products.

The trade has thrived in recent years, attracting more than 30 households in the village with an annual average income reaching some tens of billions of dong. Local producers have adopted new tool machines including hamming machine and rice paper making techniques to reduce labor while improving quality.

However, there are some obstacles to the development of the craft. The Kieu Ky Gold-laminating Cooperative was set up and granted with a collective trade mark but has failed to promote the craft due to poor production cooperation, unstable quality and a lack of production sites and showrooms.

Thanks to the assistance from the Hanoi People’s Committee and Gia Lam District People’s Committee, the cooperative has implemented a series of craft promotion activities including offering training courses for workers and assisting craft producers to participate in trade fairs and shows to boost sales. This year, members of the cooperative will be able to access credit provided by the Hanoi Cooperative Alliance.

To further promote the craft, the Hanoi Department of Industry and Trade should consider the expansion of production and exhibition sites and the organization of training courses, Chung said.

At a recent meeting with representatives for the cooperative, Deputy Minister of Industry and Trade Hoang Quoc Vuong said, the cooperative and Kieu Ky villagers should be fully aware of protecting and promoting the craft through adopting advanced production techniques and equipment in order to improve quality and quantity, better meeting increased market demand.


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