Kaspersky shares tips to shop safer online

16:20 | 15/11/2021 Society

Create an email address that you will only use for online shopping if you use a computer for banking and online shopping. The solution application has multiple layers of protection for financial activities, such as Kaspersky Internet Security, by using strong passwords and different passwords for each online account. These are also the most recent shares. of Kaspersky to assist consumers in shopping online more safely, particularly in the current thriving e-commerce scene.

kaspersky shares tips to shop safer online

During the pandemic, lots of people have formed the habit of online shopping through e-commerce platforms. Consistent with the report “Vietnam Digital in 2021: Take Control & Breakthrough”, the number of latest users from e-commerce platforms in Vietnam has grown by quite 41 percent, reaching the highest in Southeast Asia. Surprisingly, up to 91 percent of them decided to continue online shopping even after the loosening policy of the government.

During the outbreak of COVID-19, e-commerce in Vietnam grows sharply to 18 percent and the market size was up to US$11.8 billion. The demand for online shopping is predicted to increase significantly, especially at the end of the year.

However, due to the growth of online shopping, the risk potential increases.

Online groups in Vietnam are impersonating e-commerce platforms in order to commit fraud. Scams involving deposit tricks and impersonating Shopee are the two most common types. Fraudsters post essential commodity products at lower prices to entice buyers and then cut off contact with them once the money is received.

Many users received messages from bogus banks informing them of account fluctuations. The unsuspecting user was asked to fill out a form with personal information such as a username, password, and OTP code, allowing the fraudsters to take over the victim's account. The messages came with a link to a bogus website where you could log in to your online banking account.

Chris Connell, Managing Director for Asia Pacific at Kaspersky, commented, “The pandemic has triggered more people to embrace online shopping. Although physical safety is essential, the safety of our finances, devices and information is also important, especially as phishing scams become more and more sophisticated and targeted. We expect cybercriminals to continue using tricks that will lure more victims to take the bait hence this festive season, we urge everyone to put their guards up against messages, calls, and even emails asking for critical information such as account number, OTPs, passwords, and more.”

To help users in Vietnam shop safer online, Kaspersky recommends: Use personal Wi-Fi when shopping or banking online. If a public Wi-Fi is the only option, install a VPN (virtual private network) first. A VPN will encrypt all data transferred between your computer or mobile device and the VPN server, preventing hackers from hijacking, and viewing any sensitive data you enter. Use a solution that ensures multilevel protection for your financial operations, such as Kaspersky Internet Security that has Safe Money feature, which helps you avoid phishing and protects your financial data from other threats including keyloggers, screen-capture utilities, vulnerabilities that are known to be exploited by banking malware.