Kärcher Vietnam Value-maintenance cleaning technologies

09:16 | 30/06/2017 Companies

(VEN) - Kärcher, one of the world’s largest providers of cleaning solutions, has recorded an impressive growth in the domestic market by promoting value-maintenance technologies and solutions. Kärcher Vietnam General Manager Tran Trong Hai says the firm’s success in winning customers’ trust gives it the confidence to exploit and take advantage of the high potential and development opportunities presented by the Vietnamese market in the years to come. Vietnam Economic News’ Phung Khuu interviewed him.

Kärcher Vietnam General Manager Tran Trong Hai

What makes your brand stand out among others in Vietnam?

A global leader in the cleaning industry, the Kärcher brand is a top performer in both industrial and household cleaning technologies. We are proud to be the first cleaning technology provider that launches state-of-the-art hi-tech products engineered for value-maintenance cleaning solutions, and at the same time, offer a unique after-sales service model that sets us apart from others.

Kärcher Center Saigon was opened in 2015 as the 500th showroom of the brand in the world. What has been its impact?

We believe that staying close to customers is one of the best ways to show our commitment to the local market, and Kärcher Center Saigon, built in a display concept that is second to none in Vietnam, was opened to serve this mission. Customers can now walk into a showroom, explore our products, discuss their cleaning challenges with our well-trained consultants and realize their potential demands. This has helped our customers take the best advantage of our products and services.

What are the company’s expectations about doing business in Vietnam in the future?

Our business has maintained a healthy and sustainable growth rate since our entry four years ago and we are looking forward to a great second half of 2017. Business potentials are being well explored in terms of both scale and scope. After the successful introduction of our Kärcher Center concept in Ho Chi Minh City in 2015, we managed to repeat this success story in Da Nang in early 2016 and are expecting our Kärcher Store Hanoi to begin operations this August. Our foremost expectation is to close the gap in cleaning technology and habit between Vietnam and the world by helping customers shift their mindset to viewing their cleaning needs as a value center instead of a cost center. It is important for our customers to realize that our advanced cleaning solutions facilitate their cost cutting by better maintaining the value of their assets in the long run.

What would you say are the factors required to succeed in the Vietnamese market, especially in the cleaning industry?

The professional cleaning technology industry in Vietnam is relatively new, full of potential and somehow fragmented. As for Kärcher Vietnam, we find it very interesting because it offers a great opportunity for us to grow, exert our influence and take the lead in this industry. Our key success factors in Vietnam are our customer-centricity backed with great products and our unique after-sales service model.

Besides that, our main asset and a key factor in our progress is people. Fortunately, we have a young and dynamic Vietnamese team that is dedicated to positioning our brand in the local market. At Kärcher Vietnam, we are focused on recruiting associates that best fit our values of high performance, discipline, dedication, responsibility, passion and ambition.

Do you see greater interest among German firms to do business and invest in Vietnam in coming years?

In my opinion, most European MNCs, in general, and German ones, in particular, are very determined to conduct in Vietnam the same business practices and standards that have helped them succeed on a global scale. Such a determination often goes hand in hand with intensive investment in facilities, training, and so on. Here, the opportunities lie in the stable macroeconomic landscape, impressive inflows of FDI capital from investors who desire a diversification of their manufacturing base in Asia away from China, growing market potentials, a national demographic sweet spot and better access to financial markets. Recent improvements in the legal environment and adjustment of administrative policies will better attract these groups of investors.

Kärcher is represented by subsidiaries in 65 countries and generates 85 percent of its sales abroad. With 40,000 customer service points worldwide, Kärcher provides comprehensive support to its customers all over the world. Besides economic growth, 2016 was completely characterized by product innovation: Kärcher launched more than 100 new products last year. R&D has always been a central focus at Kärcher.

In Vietnam, Kärcher offers perfect cleaning solutions for private as well as commercial and industrial users. Intensive investment in showrooms and service facilities in major cities across the country proves its strong commitment to serving the local market.

Phung Khuu