Joe Biden: US - China relations should be more honest and frank

10:55 | 25/06/2015 Cooperation

The US and China began their 7th Strategic and Economic Dialogue in Washington on Tuesday with commitments to boosting cooperation while acknowledging areas of tensions.

Joe Biden: US - China relations should be more honest and frank

US Treasury Secretary Jack Lew (L) and Chinese Vice PM Wang Yang at the Strategic and Economic Dialogue at the State Department in Washington on June 23, 2015.

This year’s dialogue is co-chaired by Secretary of State John Kerry, Treasury Secretary Jacob Lew, Chinese Vice Prime Minister Wang Yang, and State Councilor Yang Jiechi.

Addressing the opening session, US Vice President Joe Biden underlined the need for both countries to be honest and frank about their future relations.

Biden issued a sharp warning to Beijing, saying responsible countries adhere to international law and work together to keep international sea-lanes open for unimpaired commerce.

He said the notion of sea lanes being open and protected is even more crucial today than at any other time in human history because of the inter-connected of the world.

Biden said countries that abandon diplomacy to use armed force or threaten to use force to address conflicts only cause instability.

Chinese Vice Prime Minister Wang Yang admitted that the world’s two leading economies are at odds on many issues, but agreed that dialogue is always preferable to confrontation.

The annual dialogue focuses on strategic and economic challenges and opportunities both sides face.

According to the US, high on the agenda will be the East Sea, climate change, the nuclear programs of Iran and North Korea, cyber security, and human rights./.

Source: VOVworld