JFWTC, the birthplace of thousand innovations

11:00 | 14/12/2019 Companies

(VEN) - Since its inception in 2000, the John F. Welch Technology Center (JFWTC) has filed more than 3,500 patent applications in various fields, especially in clean energy, health, and aviation.

jfwtc the birthplace of thousand innovations

Located in the Indian city of Bangalore, JFWTC is General Electric (GE)’s first and largest integrated multidisciplinary research and development center outside the US. With the participation of about 5,300 engineers and scientists, it is one of the world’s most diverse industrial research organizations that is at the forefront of designing innovative technology -solutions shaping the future.

The center plays a special role for ASEAN countries. GE’s energy products have been delivering clean and stable electricity and lighting several million houses. New-generation engines used in aircraft of several airlines such as Vietnam Airlines have contributed to ensuring safe flights. Advanced medical equipment has also been available in all countries, contributing to improving access to healthcare in both remote and rural areas.

“GE sees exceptional growth potential in ASEAN. Over the next 20 years, we expect aircrafts order, installed power generation capacity, and healthcare spending to more than double in this region,” said GE Asia Pacific CEO and President Wouter Van Wersch.

GE has come a long way from their very first electric light bulb back in 1800s. Now, it contributes widely to technological innovation in aviation, energy, and health in ASEAN, and all over the world.

During the visit to the JFWTC in mid-October 2019, ASEAN journalists had a chance to witness GE’s research works. They visited the workplace of engineers and learned about the process of designing innovative technology solutions. According to journalists, the most powerful, highest performance, and environmentally friendly machinery and equipment are typical of GE. In particular, engineers can monitor and make plans to improve the performance of equipment through computer screens thanks to the support of sensors and data.

GE’s scientists have successfully developed solutions for customers in the region. Specifically, 9HA gas turbines hold the world record for powering the most efficient combined cycle power plant at 63.08 percent. In ASEAN, GE is supplying dozens of gas turbines to Thailand, Malaysia and Indonesia to meet the electricity needs for their socioeconomic development.

Medical innovation from JFWTC has contributed to improving access to affordable healthcare across ASEAN. Revolution ACT, a full-body CT scanner, was designed and developed in India with insights from potential users in remote areas of emerging markets globally. The product has features similar to a premium CT system - high image quality, easy-to-use interface, and low dose radiology technology - but at a fraction of the price. So far, GE has supplied about 150 CT scanners to the Southeast Asian market, including Vietnam.

In addition, infant mortality rates in some ASEAN countries are high. Hence, there is a huge need to provide maternal and infant care in these countries at an affordable cost. GE Healthcare’s Lullaby range of warmers, resuscitation, and phototherapy devices help address this condition.

GE has built a brilliant factory in Vietnam’s Hai Phong City. It is a fully-fledged member of five brilliant factories, which make full use of connected digital solutions, advanced manufacturing and radical optimization to stand on the front line of Industry 4.0.

Alok Nanda, CTO of GE South Asia and CEO of GE India Technology Center, said the technology center in India is at the forefront of designing innovative technology solutions that is shaping the future. The center is a partner to see, move, and create the future with more accurate, efficient, and eco-friendly solutions.

JFWTC offers three main services to partners - testing and measurement, research, and licensing. The center has built comprehensive portfolios of solutions for GE businesses from downstream to upstream and to each end-user to meet the high demand of customers. This occurs in six key fields - material solutions, electric power, thermal science, physical-digital analytics, imaging, and controls and optimization.

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