Japan’s ShinMaywa Industries Company to promote latest products

11:15 | 08/08/2019 Companies

(VEN) - ShinMaywa Industries Co. Ltd from Japan will take part in the NEPCON Vietnam 2019, the industry's largest exhibition in Vietnam, aiming to introduce its latest products to both Vietnamese and international partners. The company’s sale manager Takeshi Idenaga granted an interview with the Vietnam Economic News, featuring its products and further development plan.

japans shinmaywa industries company to promote latest products

Could you introduce your company? What is your expectation when being in attendance at NEPCON Vietnam 2019?

Last year, we exhibited Automatic Wire Terminating Machines for the first time at NEPCON Vietnam, which is the largest industrial exhibition in Vietnam, because we were attracted by Vietnam where the presence as a production base in ASEAN is increasing.

Many customers were interested in our products there, so we will participate again this year.

With the exhibition held in Hanoi this year, we hope that we can promote our products and after-sales service system in cooperation with our Vietnamese agency HASON, focusing on wire harness manufacturers in northern Vietnam.

In addition, as many customers from overseas will come to NEPCON Vietnam 2019, we would like to introduce our company to a wide range of customers not only in Vietnam but also from other countries in order to improve our global recognition.

japans shinmaywa industries company to promote latest products

What is the latest/highlight product you would like to promote this year? Please pick one and describe key features of your product?

Our highlight product at this time is the automatic both-ends crimping machine "TRD510".

The features of "TRD510" are the industry's top class processing capacity and its compact body. We aim to improve productivity by utilizing the features and contribute to reducing processing costs per wire.

This machine has been well received by many customers since its release, and has been delivered to more and more customers in ASEAN, China, North America and others. We are planning to evolve it further as our main lineup.

What is further development plan of your company? How will your product/service support the development?

In response to further automation of the wire harness manufacturing process and labor saving, we will promote technology development aiming at improving production efficiency and quality by means of automatic inspection and adjustment.

In addition, we will work together with HASON to create a system that can meet the needs of customers broadly by strengthening not only product development but also the service support network.

What do you think about the potential of electronic industry in Vietnam?

Vietnam, which has many excellent young people and whose productivity has been rising year by year, will continue to achieve high economic development. Since not only the development of Vietnamese manufactures but also the expansion of overseas companies in Vietnam is expected, I feel that Vietnam's electronics industry has high potential.

NEPCON Vietnam 2019” is the 11th edition of Vietnam’s only exhibition on SMT, testing technologies, equipment,

and supporting industries for electronics manufacturing. The show will enable electronics producers in exploring

advanced technologies from over 200 technology providers from 20 countries, acquiring know-how by meeting with

technology owners and industry experts in seminars, meeting skilled man powers, and expanding business networks

via business matchmaking and networking functions.

Nguyen Huong