Japan pledges disaster tech support

16:55 | 27/09/2013 Science - Technology

(VEN) - At a Vietnam - Japan disaster prevention seminar recently held in Hanoi, a series of major Japanese technology companies such as NTT Data Corporation, NEC Group, Fujitsu, Panasonic, and SEC Group (SEC) introduced technology solutions to support disaster forecasting via timely and effective collection and processing of information.

According to Japanese experts, early warning of natural disasters is of the first importance to effective disaster prevention. Participating in this seminar, NTT Data Corporation introduced the E-Community solution system focusing on providing IT solutions to governmental agencies and people. The system uses sensors to collect information on natural disasters such as earthquakes and tsunamis, processes the collected information and produces warnings.

NTT Data developed this technology based on the integration of collecting and processing weather data at the center and immediately producing warning information. Information on weather and natural disasters will later be broadcast on the radio and sent over the mobile phone networks so that people may well plan to deal with them in advance.

According to senior manager of NTT Data’s E-Community Division Hisahiro Kobayashi, the system consists of three main components including the sensors installed in the climate monitoring stations to monitor the weather situation; the transfer of collected weather data to the central processing system; and the transmission of weather forecast and disaster warnings to people through radio systems and mobile devices. In addition, our system can also be helpful to enterprises in terms of environmental monitoring, and control of air quality, water quality, and energy consumption in the production process.

“The system is applied on a national scale and requires relatively large investment, therefore, we want to introduce it on the occasion of the 40th Vietnam - Japan anniversary of diplomatic relations and hope that it will attract due attention from the Vietnamese Government and soon be coordinately deployed,” he said.

NTT Data has developed and updated the E-Community solution system over the years in Japan and the system has proved effective in warning about earthquakes and tsunami. The company expected it will also be effective while deployed in Vietnam, reducing the risk of life and property caused by natural disasters.

The SEC Group also introduced the ground anchor technology at the seminar, which is a useful technology applied to sloping terrains to reduce soil sliding and erosion caused by flooding. “Vietnam has similar hilly terrains to Japan and also risks of landslide during rainy season or downpours. Therefore, we have cooperated with the National University of Civil Engineering for technology transfer and establishment of a factory in Vietnam,” SEC’ senior engineer Koji Takeya said.

In Japan, this technology has been developed for many years and applied to many infrastructure projects for tunnel, bridge, and ports. Apart from the function of reinforcement, SEC’s ground anchors can also indicate the status of the bearing cable inside by lights thanks to attached modern sensors, which help with early detection of the risk of landslides.

There are about one million ground anchors under construction in Japan, and SEC expected the ground anchor technology would continue to contribute to the prevention of natural disasters, especially landslides phenomenon, in Vietnam in the coming time. /.

By Nguyen Tien Dung

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