Jam and fish sauce: Ninh Thuan helps develop rural industrial products

16:00 | 11/11/2021 Industry

(VEN) - During the 2018-2020 period, three products made in Ninh Thuan Province were recognized as outstanding rural industrial products at regional and national level, and their producers have benefited from the support of the provincial Department of Industry and Trade.

For example, the department helped the Viet Nghi food processing facility expand its grape jam production through participation in exhibitions and events connecting supply and demand between Ninh Thuan and other provinces and cities. The department also encouraged the company to shift to e-commerce platforms, helping it with training to improve financial and sales management skills on Facebook.

The bird's nest products of Ninh Thuan Bird’s Nest Co., Ltd. also received support in market expansion through trade promotion and connection activities.

Ninh Thuan organizes activities to support facilities with outstanding rural industrial products

The department also helped the Quang Minh business household that makes traditional Quang Minh-Ca Na anchovy fish sauce with 45 percent protein, with product promotion and market expansion activities and participation in a project on applying advanced machinery and equipment in fish sauce production. In 2021, the business household is expected to receive support for a cleaner production assessment.

According to the Ninh Thuan Department of Industry and Trade, the practical and effective support has attracted the participation of establishments making outstanding rural industrial products, but the prolonged effects of the Covid-19 pandemic have had an adverse effect on the organization of suitable trade promotion events to introduce these products.

Rural industrial establishments in general and those with recognized products in particular are also hampered by their modest production scale and capital, and their participation in trade promotion events also faces difficulties, with some not interested in joining them.

Financial limitations and small scale prevent rural industrial establishments from meeting conditions for investment and production expansion projects and ensuring test safety according to current regulations. As a result, they cannot participate in national trade promotion programs, investment promotion, and brand development.

To address these problems, the Ninh Thuan Department of Industry and Trade proposed that agencies under the Ministry of Industry and Trade (MoIT) promulgate a specific financial mechanism to support outstanding rural industrial products, which will contribute to the restructuring of the local rural economy, improving worker incomes and encouraging establishments to expand into global markets.

The Ninh Thuan Department of Industry and Trade also asked the Science and Technology Department under the MoIT to guide the recognized establishments in innovative and modern production technology, and support them in trademark protection and product traceability.

Three Ninh Thuan products were recognized in 2021 as outstanding rural industrial products at national

level, qualifying them for development support policies.

Hai Linh