Ito Vietnam Confirms its Hi-Tech Leadership

16:08 | 16/12/2016 Companies

(VEN) - Ito Vietnam, a 100% Japanese invested company, is a member of Ito Group. Ito Group was founded in 1946 and after 30 years of doing business, Ito became a technology consultant for the world's three largest mobile phone companies. This was a huge success, vindicating the strategic development initiated by the group’s founder. Mrs. Wendy Trang, General Manager, Ito Vietnam Company, was proud to share with us details of the impressive growth of the company over the last four years, and also its plans for the coming years.  

Why did Ito decide to enter Vietnam?

Ito's task is to design comprehensive solutions specifically in connection technology for the electronics industry, especially screens for televisions and mobile phones. To perform this job perfectly, Ito focuses on designing, producing manually operated machines lines, automatic and semi-automatic machines and most notably, ACF connection technology. Ito is the top industry leader and is the world's number 1 in ACF technology. Currently, Ito has 18 offices around the world to implement this technology.

As two big customers in the world’s top three mobile phone companies entered Vietnam. Ito decided to be here to serve those customers to install production lines, implement 24/7 engineer services and establish a design and manufacturing base in Vietnam with reasonable prices, while ensuring to follow Japanese and European quality standards. At the same time we wanted to bring Ito Group’s technology to contribute to the success of the supporting industry in Vietnam. Thus, Ito Vietnam was established in 2012.

What are the strengths that enable Ito to compete and grow in Vietnam?

As a high-tech company, the quality of human resources is always a key factor in its success. Ito Vietnam is proud to have a team of talented engineers, who are the first ones in Vietnam proficient in ACF technology. Our Vietnamese engineers were trained in Japan, and are available 24/7 to meet the production needs of our customers. In addition, our engineers are fluent in English as a technical language.

Ito is constantly searching to find and train young talent to develop high-quality human resources for the company, in particular for the electronics industry. Ito regularly supports universities with updated materials in the industry, makes presentations and creates opportunities for students to gain experience and practice at the company. The interns are hired and taken to Ito Japan and Ito abroad for training if they pass the skill exam and ability assessment of Ito Vietnam’s technical team.

What is the future development direction that Ito has set for itself in Vietnam?

We entered Vietnam with the goal of becoming the only ACF technology production company; more specifically, to have Ito Vietnam’s ACF technology supplied to customers in Vietnam and exported to other countries in the next 5 years. Ito Vietnam became a production company 3 years ago. Currently, Ito Vietnam has produced many connection-technology machines that have been exported to many markets around the world. Ito Vietnam is proud to manufacture high-tech machines “Made in Vietnam” with better quality compared to other countries. Our products are manufactured in Vietnam at a reasonable price and guaranteed to follow Ito’s international standards. Ito Vietnam is focused on creating value and efficiency for our partners. We always strive to grow and develop our company and support the industry in general.

Ito Vietnam recently participated in the "Nepcon Vietnam 2016" exhibition. Can you share with us some of its highlights?

Ito Vietnam has always been a part of "Nepcon Vietnam" not only with speaking, but is also a member of the Vietnam Electronics Association. As one of the prominent companies attracting the attention of visitors at "Nepcon Vietnam 2016" last October, Ito Vietnam impressed local and foreign experts in the electronic industry by displaying its world-leading high-tech products. We shared our technology, and showed semi-automatic production lines produced by Ito Vietnam. This once again confirmed Ito Vietnam’s leading position in ACF technology as well as our ability to meet customer’s needs in a comprehensive way in Vietnam.

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