ISSA/Mining accompanies Vietnam in OHS performance

11:02 | 20/11/2013 Economy- Society

(VEN) - Since 2008, Vietnam has strengthened cooperation with the International Section of the International Social Security Association on Prevention in the Mining Industry (ISSA/Mining), and ISSA/Mining has been beside Vietnam in occupational health and safety (OHS) implementation.

The National OSH Week is effectively promoted


The OHS collaborative relationship between Vietnam and ISSA/Mining was marked in 2008 as Ministry of Labor, Invalids and Social Affairs (MOLISA)’ Administration of Work Safety officially became a member of the ISSA/Mining. Also in this year, MOLISA officially signed the 2008-2011 Cooperation Agreement with ISSA/Mining in Seoul, Republic of Korea; and in March 2012, the 2012-2015 Cooperation Agreement was signed between the two sides in Dong Nai Province on the occasion of the National Week on OSH and fire protection.

The content of these agreements include OHS learning, studying, and co-organization; exchange of OSH consultants, information, and publications; promoting OHS activities in mining sector, especially activities related to OSH investigation and training; donating labor protective equipment, facilities, and training materials.

Bui Hong Linh, MOLISA Deputy Minister and ISSA/Mining Vice President in the Vietnam National Coal - Mineral Industries Group (Vinacomin) became an official member of ISSA/Mining’s International Mining Emergency Association in 2011.

ISSA/Mining always stay closely beside Vietnam in organizing OHS events such as the International Conference on Promoting Occupational Health and Safety Culture and Working Environment Risk Management. Every year, a lot of ISSA/Mining experts have come to share OHS experience with Vietnamese partners, and also many Vietnamese OHS staff members go abroad learning experience from ISSA/Mining member units. ISSA/Mining already handed over two audio mobile cars (for audiometric examination) to the Occupational Health and Safety Training Center in Son Tay, Hanoi.

“Vietnam is one of the International Social Security Association (ISSA)’s partners of active cooperation, and we look forward to continuing to participate more in OSH promotional activities in general and strengthen OHS training in Vietnam in particular. The main activities in the coming period will include OHS training, exchange of OHS experts, OHS capacity building support, labor protective equipment hand-over, and international OHS conference organization,” ISSA Mining Secretary General Helmut Ehnes said.

According to Helmut Ehnes, the seven golden rules of prevention and control of occupational accidents are Leadership and commitment; identify hazards and risks; set safety and health targets; ensure a safe system; use safe and healthy technology; control and improve qualification and knowledge of your staff; and invest in your most valuable asset: motivate your employees. “Mining is a risky industry, with eight-fold mortality rate compared to than other industries, it is necessary to implement these 7 golden rules to achieve a secure future no deaths or severe occupational illness,” he said./.

By Quynh Nga