Israel interested in Vietnamese seafood, medical equipment

06:12 | 29/08/2020 Cooperation

(VEN) - Although it has a population of only 9.2 million and a small market size, Israel has become the third largest western Asian importer of Vietnamese goods, after the United Arab Emirates (UAE) and Turkey. Vietnamese seafood and personal protective equipment (PPE) are highly welcomed in Israel.

israel interested in vietnamese seafood medical equipment

In the first seven months of 2020, Vietnam exported goods worth about US$430 million to Israel and imported goods worth US$480 million from this market.

According to the Vietnam Trade Office in Israel, in the first seven months of 2020, there were problems related to political stability and the Covid-19 pandemic in Israel. Many key exports to Israel therefore decreased in value compared to the same period last year.

Vietnamese seafood is increasingly popular in this market. In the first half of 2020, Vietnam exported tuna worth almost US$13.78 million to Israel, accounting for 4.71 percent of the country's total. Israel has become the third biggest importer of Vietnamese tuna, after the US and Italy. Frozen shrimp exports to Israel reached almost US$3.74 million in the first six months. Israel was the ninth largest importer of Vietnamese squid, after Japan, the Republic of Korea (RoK), Thailand, China and Hong Kong (China), Italy, Malaysia, the Philippines, and the US. Frozen squid and Tra fish exports reached more than US$2.4 million and almost US$1.73 million, respectively.

The Vietnam Trade Office in Israel said that a number of Israeli businesses are interested in pangasius fillets, canned food, agricultural products of different kinds, textiles and garments, and they are working with Vietnamese companies to sign purchase/sales contracts in the near future.

While Israel is still affected by the Covid-19 pandemic, many Israeli businesses are interested in importing food, foodstuffs, consumer goods, household appliances, and medical equipment and gloves, including rubber gloves and other personal protective equipment from Vietnam. This is an opportunity for Vietnamese enterprises to increase exports to this market.

According to the Vietnam Trade Office in Israel, a number of Israeli organizations and businesses are interested in cooperating with Vietnamese partners in the fields of high-tech, scientific application, technology and technical solutions, and shifting investment and production chains to Vietnam.

Phuong Lan