2013 law on public procurement promises breakthroughs

08:05 | 25/02/2014 Investment

(VEN) - The 2013 law on public procurement was passed by the National Assembly on November 26, 2013 and will take effect on July 1, 2014. The Ministry of Planning and Investment expects that the new law will help improve state management of bidding activities.
China increases investment in Vietnam

11:06 | 21/02/2014 Investment

(VEN) - Some market research companies said Chinese investors were showing greater interest in Vietnam’s real estate and textile and garment markets. The latter was expected to provide more export benefits when the Trans Pacific Partnership Agreement (TPP) is agreed.
Vietnam remains attractive to foreign investors

08:08 | 20/02/2014 Investment

(VEN) - Vietnam attracted nearly US$400 million in foreign direct investment (FDI) in January 2014. Although this was only 78.1 percent of that in the same time last year, Vietnam attracted some large FDI projects last month underlining Vietnam’s continued attractiveness to investors.
Major opportunities for FDI disbursement breakthrough

14:05 | 19/02/2014 Investment

(VEN) - Foreign direct investment (FDI) disbursement has improved remarkably in recent years. It is expected that FDI disbursement will see a breakthrough this year after several major FDI projects are being completed and Prime Ministerial Resolution 103/NQ-CP on FDI capital attraction and use takes effect.
Belgian businesses increase investment in Hai Phong’s Izs

14:36 | 17/02/2014 Investment

(VEN) - The northern port city of Hai Phong recently permitted the Dinh Vu Industrial Zone Joint Stock Company (including Rent-A-Port, a major Belgian shareholder) to invest in an additional industrial zone (IZ) in Cat Hai, which is as large as the Dinh Vu IZ.
Firms expand overseas stakes to US$4.4 billion

14:55 | 13/02/2014 Investment

Vietnamese enterprises have invested US$4.4 billion in foreign countries and territories in 2013, according to the Ministry of Planning and Investment.
Choosing high-quality, environmentally-friendly FDI projects

08:30 | 10/02/2014 Investment

(VEN) - Vietnam achieved good results in attracting and disbursing foreign direct investment (FDI) capital. Vietnam Economic News’ reporter Nguyen Hoa spoke with Minister of Planning and Investment Bui Quang Vinh to broaden the understanding of FDI achievements in 2013 and FDI attraction directions for 2014.
Increasing opportunities to attract overseas Vietnamese capital

10:00 | 07/02/2014 Investment

(VEN) - Vietnam has attracted 3,600 overseas Vietnamese businesses with total registered capital of US$8.6 billion so far. If sound solutions and policies are in place, overseas Vietnamese capital inflows into the country will increase strongly, Overseas Vietnamese Entrepreneurs Association Deputy Chairman and General Secretary Bui Dinh Dinh told Vietnam Economic News’ reporter Nguyen Hoa.
A bright future for FDI in Vietnam

09:40 | 05/02/2014 Investment

(VEN) - Vietnam has attracted foreign direct investment (FDI) for more than 25 years. A number of billion-US-dollar projects by leading global groups have invested in Vietnam. Many groups have chosen Vietnam as their production location and have committed to expanding their investment.
Vietnam’s investment and trade offices abroad

11:20 | 02/02/2014 Investment

(VEN) - Direct investment abroad can help businesses expand markets, and avoid trade barriers in the countries receiving that investment. They can also help businesses access high technology and modern science, and learn about foreign information technology applications and management experiences.
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