Introducing air making system in shrimp hatching

09:26 | 28/07/2014 Science - Technology

(VEN) - According to the Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development, in 2013, 30 provinces and cities throughout the country deployed shrimp hatching covering on a total area of 652,612 hectares. Investment costs in shrimp hatching remain large (VND200-250 million per hectare), especially costs in making the air.

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In recent times, Ben Tre, Tra Vinh and Ca Mau provinces have applied air making systems powered by electric motor or generator. However, oxygen supply for shrimp remains not enough as the amount of water getting in touch with oxygen remains small. In addition, using the air making system powered by generator makes a noise and causes environmental pollution. In particular, investment costs in the air making system remain large.

In terms of the air making system powered by electric motor, the amount of water getting in touch with oxygen is large, contributing to creating a strong flow bringing oxygen down to the bottom. The system’s advantages are to make no noise and not cause environmental pollution. However, this technology is likely to make muddy waters.

Solar energy

To overcome shortcomings, Bac Lieu and Ca Mau provinces are applying the air making system by solar energy in shrimp hatching. The system is introduced by the Solar Air LLC Vietnam Company.

The system consists of two solar panels with a capacity of 85W per panel. The two panels will absorb heat radiation from the sun to provide power to the entire system. Power storage device is the two 12VDC-batteries. The two batteries are connected in series to make 24VDC power supply for the lighting system, inverter and motors. The two batteries will provide power to operate oxygen blowing equipment. The amount of oxygen is transferred to the position near the bottom thanks to air ducts. The two batteries can run up to seven days and the air making system by solar energy has a high life-span.

According to experimental results, in addition to saving fuel costs, the air making system by solar energy has not caused environmental pollution and not made a noise and muddy waters. The system ensures uninterrupted power supply in the context of stable weather and brings high safety for users due to a low voltage.

Thanks to the air making system by solar energy, the water quality has been improved and shrimp has been uninfected by epidemic diseases. In addition, shrimp has been growing faster thanks to microorganisms. This technology only costs initial investment but can use for the long term. In addition, the system helps protect the environment and save costs./.

By Anh Viet