Int’l integration strategy on labor and society passed

11:18 | 26/01/2016 Cooperation

The PM has recently gave the green light to an international integration strategy on labor and society.

Int’l integration strategy on labor and society passed

PM Nguyen Tan Dung at a session of the National Steering Committee for International Integration - Photo:

The new strategy aims to utilize Viet Nam’s potentials and comparative advantages; make full use of the environment and international resources to fulfil the development goals on labor and society by 2020 with a vision towards 2030.

It also strives to help Viet Nam develop labor and society to catch up with ASEAN-6 countries by 2020 and ASEAN-4 countries by 2025.

Int’l integration in labor and employment

The strategy set a goal to continue on-going program on sustainable employment; develop and forecast labour market; accelerate labour restructuring, domestic and foreign labour circulation, especially the sending of high-quality workers abroad; perfect employment-related policies; manage international labour emigration, movement of natural persons and employment services; build and implement programs on public employment in accordance with regional and international criteria.

The new strategy also hopes to finalize policies and laws on wages; raise labor productivity and competitiveness of Vietnamese labourers; develop labor relations in a harmonized, stable, and modern manner; perfect the legal system in the field in accordance with regional and international standards; promote labor safety and labour hygiene at workplaces.

Regarding integration on vocational education, the fresh strategy targets to build standards on professional skills, teachers, tuitions, training syllabus, and quality recognition in line with regional and international norms; and fulfil Viet Nam’s made commitments.  

Int’l integration on social welfare

The strategy aims to gradually apply regional and international criteria to measure social welfare; in the short term, focusing on poverty line, coverage of social insurance programs, social assistance, and provision of social services.

It also targets to perfect policies on social insurance (namely compulsory social insurance, voluntary social insurance, and supplementary retirement social insurance); unemployment insurance; social subsidy for the elderly; sign and implement programs on social insurance with other countries; and research and improve the legal system on social security.

Sustainable poverty reduction will be conducted by multi-dimensional approaches; development gaps between urban and rural areas; among regions, and nationalities will be minimized.

In addition, support policies will be given to groups vulnerable to international integration, especially the handicapped, children, the lonely elderly, ethnic groups, and trafficked victims./.


Source: VGP