International network a given after Swiss education, alumni assert

06:00 | 14/12/2021 Cooperation

(VEN) - The Swiss Alumni Association in Vietnam (SAAV) has worked closely with Swiss government offices and the Swiss Business Association to establish an extensive network across the country, region and beyond.

international network a given after swiss education alumni assert

Since its establishment in 2016, SAAV has grown 6,000 members. The members include those who have studied in Switzerland or have a Swiss education background, including Vietnamese graduates in Switzerland, Swiss residents in Vietnam, and expats from other countries who have studied in Switzerland. With the motto of “Your true Swiss Pride”, the association aims to achieve sustainable success in all its undertakings.

In recent years, Switzerland has emerged as a consistently favored destination among Vietnamese students deciding to study abroad in Europe.

SAAV members have released a common statement, fondly remembering their experiences Switzerland is a dream land for any student who enjoys a mentally stimulating and physically active lifestyle. The country is one of the cleanest countries globally, with a world-class health system. Given its location at the heart of central Europe and as a member of the Schengen Area, we could travel effortlessly to almost everywhere in the continent via an excellent public transport network. Whether by train, bus or plane, students could be in another country, eat different food and experience other cultures within just a few hours.

international network a given after swiss education alumni assert

In addition, the linguistically rich environment is Switzerland gave us the opportunity to practice, or even learn from scratch, one of four official languages: French, Italian, German and Romansh. For us, Switzerland is an open, exciting, and forward-thinking nation that understands the value of investing in young talent. It is not surprising that the number of international students choosing to study in Switzerland keeps increasing year after year. Some schools have had students of 95 different nationalities. Through vibrant social interactions, we gained cultural intelligence and behavioural insights through our peers and teachers. We were inspired to think that the sky was our limit and inculcating a “dare to try” attitude was a signature feature of the Swiss education system. We got opportunities to discover who we were, realize what we wanted in life and to strive to achieve our goals. Universities and schools in Switzerland are highly regarded around the world, comparable even to some Ivy League schools. Therefore, students are confident that studying in Switzerland can be of crucial importance in accessing future career opportunities. Let us tell you another “secret”: once you graduate from a Swiss school, your international network will further support your career even after graduation. It’s a place where you can get a world-class education, meet amazing people, and maybe even kickstart your career. Of course, there were ups and downs, but we don’t regret a second of living, studying and travelling in Switzerland.

Phung Phung