ha tinh industrial enterprises apply modern technologies in production Ha Tinh industrial enterprises apply modern technologies in production

14:56 | 11/07/2019 Local Industry

(VEN) - Thanks to support from industrial promotion programs, many industrial enterprises in rural Ha Tinh province have applied science-technology in production, helping improve market competitiveness.
industry promotion is ha giangs cup of tea Industry promotion is Ha Giang’s cup of tea

12:26 | 30/06/2019 Local Industry

(VEN) - With priority given to processing and deep processing establishments, Ha Giang Province’s activities have contributed significantly to developing key goods, especially agro-forestry-fishery products.
bac ninh industry promotion focuses on business development Bac Ninh industry promotion focuses on business development

10:12 | 25/06/2019 Local Industry

(VEN) - The Bac Ninh Province Department of Industry and Trade is selecting eligible firms to take part in a business development program to enhance production capacity and enter production chains of multi-national groups in the province.
traditional craft in thanh hoa yearns for golden age Traditional craft in Thanh Hoa yearns for golden age

12:10 | 16/06/2019 Local Industry

(VEN) - A number of traditional craft makers in the north-central coastal province of Thanh Hoa, including Nga Son’s sedge mats and Tho Xuan’s matting sedge, cannot make a living any longer. They are nostalgic for the golden age of their crafts and passionate about preserving their ancestors’ legacy.
vietnam to face power shortage in future Vietnam to face power shortage in future

11:08 | 08/06/2019 Local Industry

Vietnam could face a power shortage in the near future due to surging demand and development difficulties. The warning was made at a seminar held in HCM City on May 28 to ensure energy security.
hanoi targets major industrial projects Hanoi targets major industrial projects

09:02 | 06/06/2019 Local Industry

(VEN) - Hanoi has set a target of reaching an industrial added value growth of 8.6-8.8 percent and developing industrial parks in 2019.
ninh thuan crafts plan to boost unique handicraft villages Ninh Thuan crafts plan to boost unique handicraft villages

12:18 | 02/06/2019 Local Industry

(VEN) - The Ninh Thuan People’s Committee has issued a plan to support the development of handicraft villages in the province by 2020 and to form a handicrafts association.
ninh binh province industry promotion boosts productivity Ninh Binh Province: Industry promotion boosts productivity

12:34 | 19/05/2019 Local Industry

(VEN) - Benefiting from industry promotion programs’ financial assistance, rural industrial enterprises in the northern province of Ninh Binh have procured advanced technology to improve productivity and product quality.
tay ninh automates rural industrial production Tay Ninh automates rural industrial production

09:11 | 15/05/2019 Local Industry

(VEN) - The Industry Promotion Center of the southeastern province of Tay Ninh has helped rural industrial establishments automate production and protect the environment by applying advanced equipment and technology.
quang ninh province presents ambitious support industry blueprint Quang Ninh Province presents ambitious support industry blueprint

12:23 | 12/05/2019 Local Industry

(VEN) - The northeastern province of Quang Ninh aims to provide highly competitive support industry products, meeting about 30 percent of necessary demand for production by 2020, and 50 percent by 2025.
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