ca mau province industry promotion increases business efficiency Ca Mau Province: Industry promotion increases business efficiency

09:01 | 10/10/2018 Local Industry

(VEN) - The Ca Mau Province Department of Industry and Trade says industry promotion programs have greatly helped industrial producers in the southern rural province improve business efficiency.
bac ninh industry promotion helps enterprise development Bac Ninh industry promotion helps enterprise development

09:07 | 05/10/2018 Local Industry

(VEN) - Most enterprises in Bac Ninh Province are small to medium-sized facilities with modest capital and insufficient experience in market development and management experience. The Industry Promotion Center of Bac Ninh Province has implemented many programs and projects to help enterprises buy modern technology and equipment, contributing to provincial industrial development.
hcm citys industrial production sustains upward trend HCM City’s industrial production sustains upward trend

16:34 | 01/10/2018 Local Industry

The Index of Industrial Production (IIP) of Ho Chi Minh City sustained its growth during the last eight months, gaining 0.24 percentage points month on month and predicted to rise 8.1 percent this year – higher than the 7.9 percent in 2017.
hanois craft villages promote technological application Hanoi’s craft villages promote technological application

12:21 | 30/09/2018 Local Industry

(VEN) - Technological application to renovate production and increase competitiveness is necessary for craft villages during the fourth industrial revolution.
hanoi plans handicraft beauty contest to draw tourists Hanoi plans handicraft “beauty contest” to draw tourists

14:10 | 23/09/2018 Local Industry

(VEN) - The Hanoi Department of Industry and Trade recently launched a handicraft design contest themed “Handicraft products associated with the development of craft villages and tourism”, to honor the recent achievements of artisans. The contest aims to diversify handicraft products for export and increase their contribution to tourism development. 
hai phong sets to complete industry promotion plan Hai Phong sets to complete industry promotion plan

12:23 | 16/09/2018 Local Industry

(VEN) - The Hai Phong Industry Promotion and Development Consultancy Center has carried out all the industry promotion projects with which it has been tasked, paving the way for early completion of the northern port city’s 2018 industry promotion plan.
bac ninh province industry promotion a driving force Bac Ninh Province: Industry promotion, a driving force

12:10 | 02/09/2018 Local Industry

(VEN) - Although they have benefited from modest state investment capital, industry promotion activities in Bac Ninh Province have been practical, efficiently boosted business development and helped improve rural employment.
industry promotion boosts dong thap farm production Industry promotion boosts Dong Thap farm production

12:19 | 26/08/2018 Local Industry

(VEN) - Industry promotion has helped increase the productivity of many agricultural, fine art and handicraft and food production facilities while contributing to cleaner production in the southwestern province of Dong Thap.
thua thien hue accelerates industry promotion Thua Thien Hue accelerates industry promotion

14:31 | 12/08/2018 Local Industry

(VEN) - The Thua Thien Hue Industry Promotion and Development Consultancy Center is accelerating the implementation of various programs and projects in order to fulfill the province’s industry promotion plan for 2018.
phu tho province policy helps craft village development Phu Tho Province: Policy helps craft village development

10:58 | 17/07/2018 Local Industry

(VEN) - Appropriate, practical policies have facilitated craft villages in Phu Tho Province, enabling them to rapidly increase revenues, develop production and better meet market demand.
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