crafting a future for hanois artisans Crafting a future for Hanoi’s artisans

09:57 | 11/05/2017 Local Industry

(VEN) - Hanoi will provide about VND25 billion to support handicraft facilities in 2017 in order to upgrade them and expand their growth.  
binh phuoc a decade of industrial promotion Binh Phuoc: A decade of industrial promotion

11:34 | 02/05/2017 Local Industry

(VEN) - Industry promotion in Binh Phuoc Province has changed significantly in terms of quality and quantity, improving industry in the rural part of the province.  
long an promotes support industry development Long An promotes support industry development

12:09 | 23/04/2017 Local Industry

(VEN) - The support industries in the Mekong Delta province of Long An have undergone positive changes with a focus on six sectors, including garment and textile, footwear and leather, engineering, packaging, electronics and plastics, according to the Long An Department of Industry and Trade.  
bac ninh province going all out for support industries Bac Ninh Province: Going all out for support industries

14:00 | 12/04/2017 Local Industry

(VEN) - Bac Ninh Province continues to support businesses in production improvements in 2017 in order to enable them to participate in the supply chain of large corporations.  
kon tum champions adobe brick production Kon Tum champions adobe brick production

14:00 | 10/04/2017 Local Industry

(VEN) - Kon Tum Province has prioritized resources to support the production of non-baked building materials, ending coal or wood-fired oven-baked brick production in favor of adobe bricks.  
hoa binh targets industrial park development Hoa Binh targets industrial park development

10:15 | 03/04/2017 Local Industry

(VEN) - Creating suitable mechanisms to attract investment and diversifying capital sources are major solutions helping Hoa Binh Province build infrastructure for industrial parks (IPs) for small and medium-size enterprises  
quang nam province a support industry highlight Quang Nam Province: A support industry highlight

15:26 | 02/04/2017 Local Industry

(VEN) - The central province of Quang Nam has set a target of becoming industrialized by 2020. Support industries will be developed into a spearhead economic sector to contribute to achieving that target.  
binh dinhs five year industry promotion leap Binh Dinh’s five-year industry promotion leap

10:39 | 28/03/2017 Local Industry

(VEN) - Five years after beginning to implement a government decree on industry promotion, Binh Dinh Province has accomplished dozens of related programs and projects, contributing significantly to the industrial growth in the rural province on the south-central coast of Vietnam.  
vinh phuc province develops support industries Vinh Phuc Province develops support industries

11:20 | 24/03/2017 Local Industry

(VEN) - Hosting a number of big-name companies like Honda, Toyota and Yamaha, Vinh Phuc Province has become a destination for global producers of automobiles and motorbikes. With that in mind, the province has put in place a full array of mechanisms and policies in order to boost support industries.  
conical hat making lives on Conical hat-making lives on

09:36 | 09/03/2017 Local Industry

(VEN) - The production of conical hats in Chuong Village of Hanoi’s Thanh Oai District has a long history, providing a livelihood for many villagers. Pham Thi Hoa, who has been making conical hats for nearly 60 years, said villagers produce different types of conical hats, in addition to products made according to traditional design.  
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