Industry & trade sector promotes role of science, technology

11:04 | 17/10/2019 Science - Technology

(VEN) - Agencies and units in the industry and trade sector have been promoting the potential of science technology through intensive investment, acquisition of research equipment and training of human resources to meet development requirements.

industry trade sector promotes role of science technology
Investing in modern facilities and equipment to meet research demand

Intensive investment

The management mechanisms of science technology activities in the industry and trade sector have been modernized to streamline the process of choosing projects, selecting organizations and individuals to conduct them and to assess and apply their results. The research projects have been closely associated with technological innovations to improve business competitiveness. Research results have also been applied in production to serve the development of the sector and meet the general demand of the government.

In the 2015-2018 period, research institutes of the Ministry of Industry and Trade (MoIT) implemented 12 intensive science technology projects with total funding of about VND624 billion, of which the state funded about VND566 billion. Once operational, the projects helped significantly improve the institutes’ science and technology research capabilities.

Part of the investment in recent years has been channeled to training staff to meet the sector’s research and management requirements both in Vietnam and in foreign countries.

Apart from assuming responsibility for science and technology projects, the MOIT institutes have taken the initiative in obtaining contracts for research, advisory services and technology transfer. These initiatives reflect the importance of science and technology as a motivating force for socioeconomic development and the development of the industry and trade sector, as well.

The focus of investment

Efforts to promote the potential of science technology have yielded many scientific and technological developments that have been applied in production and business fields of the industry and trade sector. These, in turn, have contributed to meeting domestic demand, increasing localization rates and productivity, reducing the trade deficit, and improving product competitiveness. Some of these results were honored by prestigious recognition such as the Ho Chi Minh Award, State awards and VIFOTEC awards.

Future plans call for focusing the scientific and technological activities of the industry and trade sector on renovating and perfecting management mechanisms, improving the efficiency of the scientific and technological market, investing in modern equipment to meet research demands, especially in product designs and checks of certificates of conformity.

In addition, the MoIT will promote scientific and technological research, applications and transfers to boost sustainable development in various areas, such as mechanical engineering; mechatronics; electrical, electronic equipment and automation; and mineral exploitation and processing.

To further promote scientific and technological innovation, which contributes to the restructuring process of the

industry and trade sector, the MoIT will focus on enhancing the research potential and capabilities of its institutes,

groups and corporations.

Quynh Nga