Industry promotion in Lai Chau: Practical Vocational Training

10:16 | 03/06/2013 Industry

(VEN) - The Lai Chau Industry and Trade Promotion Center has vocational training plans for more than 200 workers in 2013, aimed at developing a quality workforce for rural industrial facilities and craft villages in Lai Chau Province.

The center will work with the Thien Loc Company Limited and the Le Van Nhi household business in Lai Chau Town and the Nguyen Van Thuong household business in Ban Bo Commune in Tam Duong District to provide vocational training in carpentry for 105 people. It will also work with the Muong Lu Cooperative in Tam Duong District, the Quy Toan Trading & Service Company Limited in Phong Tho District to provide vocational training in welding for 105 local workers. After finishing the three-month training courses, learners will be granted certificates and employed by organizations that have taken part in these training programs.

Lai Chau is a mountainous province. Industry and handicraft in Lai Chau remains underdeveloped. Most of rural industrial production facilities are small-scaled. Most of workers in the province are ethnic minority people from remote rural areas. The center’s deputy director Nguyen The Anh said that vocational training for improving the quality of the local workforce has become the first priority of industry promotion in the province to promote rural industry development.

In 2012, three of the four national industry promotion projects for the province were vocational training projects. The three projects had total funding of VND560 million. The center implemented wood processing vocational training projects for 105 people in Nam Xe Commune in Phong Tho District and Mai Quai and Nung Thang communes in Sin Ho District with a funding of VND157.5 million. The center also provided vocational training in engineering for 175 people in Lai Chau Town, Tan Uyen Township and Muong Than Commune in Tan Uyen District with a funding of VND297.5 million. To develop the traditional occupation of brocade weaving in the province, the center implemented a brocade production vocational training project for 105 people in Muong So Commune in Phong Tho District with a funding of VND105 million.

The center worked with the Hanoi Industry Promotion Center to teach ethnic minority people in Muong Cang Commune in Than Uyen District how to make brocade.

Industry promotion projects helped improve the incomes of rural people and raised living standards as well as well productivity and product quality in rural production facilities in the province.

Anh said that the center will strengthen information to help people and industrial production facilities in Lai Chau to learn about industry promotion policies and participate in industry promotion projects and programs. The center will also work with women’s unions, farmers’ associations and co-operatives to provide and persify vocational training while making surveys to prepare practical industry promotion plans, he added.

Vocational training funded by industry promotion projects and programs will focus on preserving and developing the province’s traditional occupations including cotton fabric weaving, brocade embroidery, rattan and bamboo ware production, and farm produce processing. People in the Son La hydroelectric project’s resettlement areas will be prioritized in access to vocational training./.

By Hai Linh