Industry promotion helps businesses develop

11:09 | 11/12/2015 Industry

(VEN) - Thanks to the industry promotion funding, the Quan Lam One Member Co., Ltd has boosted investment in new production equipment, increasing quantity and quality of products and sales revenue.

Industry promotion helps businesses develop

Nguyen Van Hung introduces a plank production process to visitors

The Tuyen Quang based wood plank producing company was established in late 2012 and faced difficulties in capital, production technology and worker recruitment. In July 2014, the company invested VND4 billion in a modern wood plank production line, with VND100 million of which included provincial industry promotion funding. The line includes a cutting system, a four-dimension planning system, a wooden material drying system and a two-dimension compressing system.

According to Director of the Quan Lam One Member Co., Ltd Nguyen Van Hung, this computerized production line can produce planks with perfect sizes and quality. The company currently produces 40cu.m per month, double its previous production capacity. Moreover, the new production line helps the company save materials. For example, defective-sized planks and wooden pieces will be chopped, joined and used as raw material.

The company’s plank products have sold well in the domestic market and are exported to several countries and territories including the US and Chinese Taipei. “We produce, sold out and expect to earn about VND2 billion in sales revenue, with 60 percent of which made up by exports,” Hung said.

However, the company is facing difficulties in the recruitment of skilled workers. “We are worried that the majority of our workers are not basically trained to handle the new equipment, affecting the production and quality of product. There was case where a Taiwanese customer demanded a specific adjustment of the lines on ordered planks which requires higher-quality skills in handling the cutting blades. Moreover, wooden material used for exports must be traceable in terms of origin,” Hung said.

Hung suggested that the Tuyen Quang Industry Promotion Center host short-term and long-term training for workers for companies involving in plank production, including Quan Lam, so that these companies can improve their production capacity and product quality.


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