Industry and trade sector hailed for boosting domestic production

09:03 | 28/08/2019 Trade

(VEN) - The Ministry of Industry and Trade has made significant contributions to the Buy Vietnamese Goods campaign, Minister of Industry and Trade Tran Tuan Anh said at a conference reviewing 10 years of the campaign’s implementation held recently in Hanoi.

industry and trade sector hailed for boosting domestic production

Conquering supermarket shelves

Over the past 10 years, the Ministry of Industry and Trade built a 2014-2020 domestic market development project that has been approved by the Prime Minister, facilitated stable and sustainable development of Vietnamese goods distribution systems, and worked to improve the competitiveness of Vietnamese businesses and goods.

As a result, millions of businesses including cooperatives have had access to knowledge of management, sales skills, participation in supply-demand connection activities, and branding. Vietnamese products have carved a niche in the market and are increasingly chosen by consumers, while their proportion in domestic supermarkets has increased to reach 90-93 percent in Saigon Co.opmart facilities, 90-95 percent in Satra marts, 95 percent in Vissan establishments, 82 percent in Lotte stores, 80 percent in AEON supermarkets, and more than 60 percent in traditional markets.

Permanent Deputy General Director of Saigon Co.op Nguyen Anh Duc said Saigon Co.op has implemented a Vietnamese goods promotion program annually since 1998, and the number of Vietnamese goods suppliers joining the program has increased from 28 in 1998 to 600.

Improving competitiveness of products and businesses

Minister of Industry and Trade Tran Tuan Anh said the ministry would continue with various measures to intensify the Buy Vietnamese Goods campaign.

First, to further promote Vietnamese enterprises and Vietnamese products, priority will be given to businesses in the industry and trade sector in accordance with the campaign themed “Vietnamese goods conquer Vietnamese consumers”.

Second, to create a fair and healthy competitive environment for economic growth by improving institutions and creating a transparent legal framework; to strengthen the application of science and technology in the context of the Fourth Industrial Revolution or Industry 4.0 in order to improve the quality of Vietnamese goods.

Third, to strongly develop the domestic market, to improve the quality and competitiveness of Vietnamese products, and to develop Vietnamese business and goods branding.

Fourth, to strengthen competition management, consumer protection, trade defense and market management in order to control counterfeit goods, intellectual property violations and poor quality, and protect the interests of businesses and consumers.

The Ministry of Industry and Trade is improving a domestic trade development strategy to 2025 with a vision to 2035

for submission to the Prime Minister for approval while continuing a domestic market development project pertaining

to the Buy Vietnamese Goods campaign.

Phuong Lan