Industry and trade sector develops green distribution system

10:48 | 10/03/2020 Environment

(VEN) - The Ministry of Industry and Trade (MoIT) has adopted a number of policies and solutions to create a green distribution system, and distribution systems in Vietnam have been making efforts to implement green growth-oriented strategy through various programs, such as attaching green labels to energy-efficient products, and limiting the use of nylon bags or plastic packages.

industry and trade sector develops green distribution system
Retail stores use AnEco biological bags instead of nylon bags

Removing plastic wastes from distribution systems

Since 2013, state management agencies have determined “Gradual replacement of nylon bags which are difficult to decompose by environmentally-friendly materials in the community” as a very important task. In response, the MoIT has taken specific action to step by step minimize the use of plastic wastes in production, distribution and consumption within its covered areas.

Since 2017, the MoIT has implemented three tasks: researching and proposing policies to develop distribution channels for environmentally friendly products; building criteria for evaluation and certification of a green retail distribution system; and compiling notebooks on environmental management for goods distributors.

Consequently, many supermarkets and commercial centers have replaced nylon bags with other eco-friendly bags. The MoIT also highly appreciated the replacement of nylon food bags by banana leaf bags and called it an effective way to contribute to ensuring a greener, cleaner living environment.

Building green distribution systems

The MoIT is aware that removing plastic waste from trading and distribution systems, and gradually forming green distribution systems, is a long-term task requiring time, coordination and support from various sectors and organizations, especially from the business community and consumers, as well.

Together with the National Action Program on cleaner production and sustainable consumption in the 2020-2030 that has been submitted to the Prime Minister, the MoIT has also submitted the draft Domestic Trade Development Strategy for the period up to 2025, with a vision to 2035 to the Prime Minister for approval. The objective of the draft strategy is to encourage the development of environmentally friendly enterprises, modern retailers, logistics service providers, enterprises managing traditional markets, or enterprises connecting production, processing and consumption.

The MoIT has also asked ministries, sectors and distributors for further coordination in developing green distribution systems with a focus on building environmental regulations and standards, researching and replacing old polluted materials with environmentally friendly ones.

Thu Huong