Thai Nguyen industry promotion: Raising the value of tea plants

09:49 | 29/11/2013 Industry

(VEN) - For only the past six years, Thai Nguyen industry promotion has spent more than VND3 billion on training workers, purchasing equipment and machineries and advertising products for the provincial tea producers and businesses, contributing significantly to raising the value of Thai Nguyen’s tea products.
Dak Lak promotes cleaner production in industry

08:01 | 28/11/2013 Industry

(VEN) - Dak Lak Province has proposed several measures to promote industrial cleaner production (CP) activities the in the near future, seeing recent initial achievements by local industrial enterprises.
Vinapaco takes numerous measures for cleaner production

14:00 | 26/11/2013 Industry

(VEN) - Over recent years, Vietnam Paper Corporation (Vinapaco) has always been evaluated as one of the most efficient adopters of cleaner production, with an aim to achieve sustainable development.
Expanding energy-efficient biogas model in Bac Ninh

10:21 | 26/11/2013 Industry

(VEN) - Saving 70 percent of electricity use and completely treat waste discharge of nearly 4,000 pigs a day; a biological gas (biogas) model of Bac Dau Livestock Enterprise (Tu Son Town, Bac Ninh Province) will be expanded in the province in the coming time.
Efficient funding for cleaner production

08:01 | 21/11/2013 Industry

(VEN) - Thanks to industry promotion funds, many enterprises in the southern province of Binh Phuoc have obtained initial positive results from cleaner production activities.
Valuable experience from Tuyen Quang industry promotion

10:28 | 20/11/2013 Industry

(VEN) - In Tuyen Quang Province, eligible industry promotion projects after being checked and verified will receive support from the local industry promotion fund. This method helps beneficiaries receive timely assistance, save time and costs arising during the completion process of administrative procedures.
Third circuit of 500kV transmission line: Entering the final sprint

09:18 | 20/11/2013 Industry

(VEN) - On November 10, 2013, the Electricity of Vietnam Group (EVN) put the Dak Nong-Phu Lam 500kV double circuit transmission line into temporary operation, ending the first 40 days of the 55-day campaign scheduled for construction of the Pleiku-My Phuoc-Cau Bong 500kV transmission line.
Energy efficiency promoted to students

16:42 | 19/11/2013 Industry

(VEN) - “After being guided on how to save electricity, I am aware of turning off the lights and fans when not in use. I will encourage my brothers and sisters to do the same,” Luong Danh Khoa, a 5th grade pupil at To Hieu Elementary School in Hai Duong Province said at a energy efficiency (EE) propagation ceremony held recently at the school as part of the national EE program coordinated by the Ministry of Industry and Trade and the Ho Chi Minh Communist Youth Union Central Committee.
Barriers to industry promotion

11:08 | 18/11/2013 Industry

(VEN) - Funding support for industrial projects, especially for industrial demonstrations and the modern technological models in production is too low to be considered as the main reason for the low effectiveness of industry promotion in the north and its lack of attractiveness to businesses.
Hanoi Power Transmission Company: Safe management of power transmission lines

08:04 | 18/11/2013 Industry

(VEN) - The Hanoi Power Transmission Company has been doing a good job managing 220-500kV power transmission lines and telecommunications networks in Hanoi and neighboring provinces.
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