hcm city to set up more cng filling stations HCM City to set up more CNG filling stations

13:26 | 08/09/2018 Energy

Ho Chi Minh City’s Department of Transport plans to set up three new compressed natural gas (CNG) filling stations to meet refueling demand of CNG buses this year, according to the director of the department’s Public Transportation Management Center.
nghi son refinery seeks permit to export petroleum products Nghi Son refinery seeks permit to export petroleum products

15:09 | 07/09/2018 Energy

Nghi Son has sought a license to export a few hundred tons of petroleum products at market prices, the Ministry of Industry and Trade has confirmed.
evnnpc provides safe power supply for all seasons EVNNPC provides safe power supply for all seasons

14:09 | 06/09/2018 Energy

(VEN) - The Northern Power Corporation (EVNNPC) is managing power networks in regions with complex terrain, two thirds of which are forest and mountainous areas. The regions span more than 830 kilometers of coastline and have varied climate. EVNNPC-managed power grids have been affected by such extreme weather conditions as parching heat, humidity, storms, floods, landslides, cyclones, hail, snow and ice.
cobots improving access to industry 40 Cobots- Improving Access to Industry 4.0

19:17 | 05/09/2018 Industry

Vietnam is emerging as a manufacturing powerhouse, attracting investors with its strong network of trade agreements, strategic location and competitively priced labour.  2017 saw record foreign direct investments (FDI) of USD 35.6 billion, driven by investments from Japan, South Korea and Singapore.    
no fuel tax hike before 2020 minister assures No fuel tax hike before 2020, minister assures

10:19 | 05/09/2018 Energy

Vietnam won’t increase its fuel tax before 2020, Finance Minister Dinh Tien Dung has directed. 
vietnamese firms conspicuously absent as auto parts industry thrives Vietnamese firms conspicuously absent as auto parts industry thrives

16:08 | 04/09/2018 Industry

Vietnam enjoys a trade surplus in the auto parts industry, but domestic firms play no role in this success.
russia to export 200 mln tons of coal in 2018 Russia to export 200 mln tons of coal in 2018

10:32 | 04/09/2018 Energy

Russia is expected to export more than 200 million tons of coal in 2018, according to the country's energy minister on August 27.
experts debate solutions to urgent power needs Experts debate solutions to urgent power needs

14:03 | 03/09/2018 Energy

(VEN) - Energy experts convened recently in Hanoi to discuss the growing challenges to Vietnam’s energy resources given its rapid growth and growing consumer and development demands.
bac ninh province industry promotion a driving force Bac Ninh Province: Industry promotion, a driving force

12:10 | 02/09/2018 Local Industry

(VEN) - Although they have benefited from modest state investment capital, industry promotion activities in Bac Ninh Province have been practical, efficiently boosted business development and helped improve rural employment.
vietnam encourages investment in power generation deputy pm Vietnam encourages investment in power generation: Deputy PM

11:23 | 01/09/2018 Energy

Deputy PM Trinh Dinh Dung has affirmed the Vietnamese government’s policy of encouraging large and experienced investors to become involved in power generation projects in Vietnam while receiving a senior AES official on August 23.
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