Footwear businesses to meet product safety requirements

14:08 | 07/10/2014 Industry

(VEN) - Vietnam Leather, Footwear and Handbag Association Secretary-General Phan Thi Thanh Xuan when addressing a conference on supporting footwear businesses to meet product safety requirements said that the state would create favorable conditions and accompany businesses in overcoming any difficulty.
Breakthrough for support industries needed

10:32 | 06/10/2014 Industry

(VEN) - The sixth draft decree on developing support industries drafted by the Ministry of Industry and Trade (MOIT) will highlight the establishment of an investment fund for support industries, technological solutions, incentives on corporate income tax and investment in the construction of industrial zones and clusters. These new points are expected to create a breakthrough for the development of the industrial sector and the economy in order to achieve the goals of industrialization and modernization by 2020.
Government has more practical awareness of support industries

08:03 | 03/10/2014 Industry

(VEN) - The Japan External Trade Organization (JETRO) said at the second session of the Japan-Vietnam support industry forum in Ho Chi Minh City that provisions in a draft governmental decree on support industry development show that the Vietnamese government has had more practical awareness of the importance of support industry development.
Training human resources in nuclear power development

10:15 | 02/10/2014 Industry

(VEN) - Vietnam is actively coordinating with partners and international organizations to train human resources in order to prepare for the development of nuclear power plants in the coming time.
Engineering development in coal industry

09:24 | 02/10/2014 Industry

(VEN) - According to reports from the Vietnam National Coal and Mineral Industries Group (Vinacomin), in the first half of this year, revenue from the engineering sector reached VND1.672,2 trillion, equal to 44 percent of the year’s plan and 96 percent compared with same period last year. Despite a gradual stability and development, there need to be breakthrough so that the domestic engineering sector could research, design, manufacture and provide consultancy, information and technological transfers for enterprises in the sector.
Advantages for breakthroughs of support industries

16:05 | 01/10/2014 Industry

(VEN) - Foreign investors are paying greater attention to Vietnam’s support industries because of their potential in terms of market opportunities and labor costs. This will surely give Vietnamese enterprises more opportunities to make approaches, learn and cooperate to develop high technology and integrate more deeply into the regional and global production value chains.
Ninh Binh prioritizes craft development

14:09 | 01/10/2014 Industry

(VEN) - Some crafts in Ninh Binh are slowly dying out due to a lack of suppliers of raw materials, poor product designs, and low sales.
Cao Bang brings industry promotion to high regions

10:23 | 30/09/2014 Industry

(VEN) - To reduce the economic development gap between localities, especially the remote and difficult districts, the northern province of Cao Bang has been making efforts to adopt industry promotion policies in the province’s more mountainous regions.
Support industries need capital and infrastructure support

09:18 | 29/09/2014 Industry

(VEN) - Apart from adding value to products and increasing production capacity, financial and infrastructure problems need to be resolved to develop support industries.
Binh Duong focuses on technical support

10:11 | 27/09/2014 Industry

(VEN) - Binh Duong’s Industry Promotion Center (IPC) has positively supported local facilities in terms of application of machinery and equipment in production, contributing to enhance productivity, improved product quality and job creation.
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