Advantages for breakthroughs of support industries

16:05 | 01/10/2014 Industry

(VEN) - Foreign investors are paying greater attention to Vietnam’s support industries because of their potential in terms of market opportunities and labor costs. This will surely give Vietnamese enterprises more opportunities to make approaches, learn and cooperate to develop high technology and integrate more deeply into the regional and global production value chains.
Ninh Binh prioritizes craft development

14:09 | 01/10/2014 Industry

(VEN) - Some crafts in Ninh Binh are slowly dying out due to a lack of suppliers of raw materials, poor product designs, and low sales.
Cao Bang brings industry promotion to high regions

10:23 | 30/09/2014 Industry

(VEN) - To reduce the economic development gap between localities, especially the remote and difficult districts, the northern province of Cao Bang has been making efforts to adopt industry promotion policies in the province’s more mountainous regions.
Support industries need capital and infrastructure support

09:18 | 29/09/2014 Industry

(VEN) - Apart from adding value to products and increasing production capacity, financial and infrastructure problems need to be resolved to develop support industries.
Binh Duong focuses on technical support

10:11 | 27/09/2014 Industry

(VEN) - Binh Duong’s Industry Promotion Center (IPC) has positively supported local facilities in terms of application of machinery and equipment in production, contributing to enhance productivity, improved product quality and job creation.
More than VND6.1 billion to support production

10:07 | 26/09/2014 Industry

(VEN) - According to statistics from the Agency for Regional Industry Development (ARID) under the Ministry of Industry and Trade (MOIT), in the first seven months of this year, VND6.163 billion was disbursed for industry promotion activities in the central and Central Highlands regions, mainly focusing on building technical demonstration models and applying machines and equipment in production. Of which, VND1.105 billion and VND5.058 billion were from the national and local industry promotion funds respectively.
Northern provinces promote industrial and trade links

08:58 | 26/09/2014 Industry

(VEN) - The Ministry of Industry and Trade held the first conference of industry and trade for 28 northern provinces and cities on September 17 in Lao Cai Province, assessing the results of operations, preparing objectives and tasks for the coming time, and discussing the solutions to promote industrial and commercial development links.
Binh Dinh removes difficulties in industry promotion

14:06 | 25/09/2014 Industry

(VEN) - Binh Dinh Department of Industry and Trade is concentrating on removing difficulties for the provincial industry promotion activities such as surveys, unreasonable time to set up and approve industry promotion plans which resulted in slow progress of industry promotion projects and affected production and business of enterprises.
Vung Ro Petroleum Refinery project offers development engine

08:05 | 24/09/2014 Industry

(VEN) - As one of Phu Yen Province’s biggest foreign-invested projects, the Vung Ro Petroleum Refinery project is expected to become a development engine for local economy in particular and the South Central Coast in general.
Yen Bai: VND4.85 billion for industry promotion in 2015

15:43 | 23/09/2014 Industry

(VEN) - Yen Bai Industry Promotion and Development Consultancy Center has built a industry promotion plan in 2015 with total proposed fund of VND4.85 billion, of which the national industry promotion fund is VND2.85 billion and the local industry promotion fund is VND2 billion.
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