Vietnamese Ceramic JSC churns out new products

08:01 | 29/10/2013 Industry

(VEN) - With the current building trends, environmentally friendly and green buildings are proving popular choices for constructors.
General Vo Nguyen Giap and hydroelectric development

09:15 | 24/10/2013 Industry

(VEN) - Former envoy of the prime minister, Labor Hero Thai Phung Ne talked about General Vo Nguyen Giap’s directions in the development of the country’s hydroelectric plants.
Quang Ninh organizes industry promotion training programs

15:15 | 22/10/2013 Industry

(VEN) - Quang Ninh Province Industry Promotion and Consultancy Development Center recently coordinated with Van Don District Economic Department to organize industry promotion training programs for 40 trainees who are leaders and officials in charge of economic departments in districts and towns and leaders of some rural industrial enterprises in Quang Ninh Province.
IPC1 organizes vocational training classes for over 1,000 laborers

16:15 | 21/10/2013 Industry

(VEN) - To implement the 2013 national industry promotion projects, in September the Industry Promotion and Consultancy Center No.1 (IPC1) coordinated with related enterprises and units to open vocational training courses on handicrafts production from bamboos in Nam Dinh Province and Hanoi.
Greening the industrial production

09:11 | 19/10/2013 Industry

(VEN) - Along with many action programs such as the National Target Program on Energy Saving and Efficiency, Environmental Industry Development Project until 2015 with a Vision Towards 2020, the Cleaner Production (CL) Strategy until 2020 also promoted in industries, with a view to green and sustainable industrial development.
Bringing power to Co To

14:56 | 18/10/2013 Industry

(VEN) - At 6 pm on October 16, 2013, the inauguration of the power cable from transformer station of Van Don 1 to Co To District, Quang Ninh Province, took place.
Industry promotion in Central Highlands Monitoring and removing difficulties for beneficiaries

08:45 | 18/10/2013 Industry

(VEN) - Among eight programs of industry promotion activities in the region, the program on supporting economic cooperation and development of industrial clusters topped the disbursement rate, accounting for 88.65 percent of the year’s plan, followed by the program on improving management capability and starting a business (87.11 percent).
Hanoi promotes cleaner production projects

13:40 | 17/10/2013 Industry

(VEN) - Due to a cleaner production strategy in the industrial sector by 2020, Hanoi Department of Industry and Trade has actively deployed many projects in order to enhance production capacity and protect the environment for slaughter facilities. Hanoi Energy Conservation Center Deputy Director Nguyen Minh An talked about the issue in an interview with reporter Lan Phuong.
Architectural design remains a core factor

16:18 | 15/10/2013 Industry

(VEN) - Director Rene ùMartin Larsen of a cooperation project between Ho Chi Minh City Energy Conservation Center (ECC-HCMC), University College of Northern Denmark (UCN) and Kaai Limited on the establishment of the Institute of Energy Training and Green Architecture said, “The development of a green building depends on knowledge and thinking of architects in choosing location and a building’s aspect.
Solar power offers effective solutions

16:58 | 11/10/2013 Industry

(VEN) - The Spanish government officially provided EUR1 million in sponsorship to help Vietnam promote the development of solar energy.
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