Increasing Competitiveness through Safety Culture

16:56 | 29/11/2019 Companies

NS BlueScope Vietnam hosted the seminar on “Increasing Competitiveness through Safety Culture” with a view to boosting labor safety standards in Vietnam, thereby enhancing business competitive edges and implementing a non-occupational accident construction project. 

Hanoi is the third destination of the labor safety awareness and experience sharing program that has been implemented by NS BlueScope Vietnam for two consecutive years in Dong Nai and Ba Ria – Vung Tau provinces. The seminar is well participated by 150 representatives from 80 prestigious construction businesses including design and build companies, construction contractors and investors in the North of Vietnam.

The seminar serves as a forum for enterprises to learn from practical experiences of leading construction businesses in terms of the very importance of labor safety management in improving competitive advantages for contractors as well as helping investors to achieve the ultimate goal of a non-occupational accident construction project.

At the seminar, the latest labor safety software and solutions such as G.R.E.A.T software and Project Management System (PMS) were introduced to the construction community

In response to the prevailing trend of digitalization, the seminar does introduce to northern construction community the latest labor safety software and solutions including G.R.E.A.T – a software efficient in checking onsite labor safety by NS BlueScope and Project Management System (PMS) integrated with functions to manage project progress and onsite labor safety management by Hoa Binh Construction Corporation etc.

“NS BlueScope Vietnam is committed to contributing to communities where our manufacturing plants are located. The promising results from the labor safety awareness and experience sharing program in Dong Nai and Ba Ria – Vung Tau convince us to expand the program to the north with a particular focus on Hanoi where our Lysaght factory operates. We expect the program to spark inspiration for construction enterprises to implement safety culture, thereby improving their competitive edges and reaching the ultimate goal of a non-occupational accident project.” said Mr. Truong Anh Hai, Health, Safety, Environment and Community Deputy President, NS BlueScope Vietnam.

Statistically, the construction industry sees the highest rate of labor safety accidents, accounting for 31% of overall occupational accidents. The Northern market, including Hanoi, is considered as an active market of the industry with a variety of civil and industrial construction projects. Therefore, ensuring safety in construction works is of great importance to both investors, contractors and residents in adjacent localities.

With its decades of operating in Vietnam, NS BlueScope Vietnam is not only known for its high quality pre-painted steel but also is acknowledged as a highly safe workplace in the industry. The Company has seen no serious occupational incidents recorded for nearly the past decade, considerably contributing to its business performance in Vietnam.

The previous program in Dong Nai and Ba Ria - Vung Tau benefited more than 100 local enterprises and received positive feedback from participants.

Ngoc Han