INAX lauches new anti - counterfeit stamps and new products for 2016

16:16 | 15/06/2016 Companies

(VEN) - June 15th, LIXIL Vietnam Company Ltd., the leading construction material producer from Japan, organizes the launching event for their new generation of anti-counterfeit stamps and their new INAX fittings.

The new generation of INAX anti-counterfeit stamps is equipped with many unique features which can help customers check and confirm the genuine origin of the product easily anytime, anywhere when they buy the product. State agencies and consumers can identify genuine goods by the most effective methods such as messaging to authentication contact person or through the effects of water or color change effect when illuminated with UV lights.

In order to protect the legitimate interests of their consumers and the reputation of the company, LIXIL has adopted anti-counterfeit stamps for all their new generation products of INAX brand, including showers, sink faucets, kitchen faucets and bathroom accessories. This is a guarantee sign of quality certification and product origin for consumers. It also is the basis for distinguishing authentic and fake products, supporting the company and the State management agencies in monitoring and handling of counterfeit goods.

Journalists, dealers/distributors and guests were offered direct exprience and trial of new generation of INAX anti
counterfeit stamps to validate the safety of stamps

Mr. Tran Quoc Tuan, Director of Quality Control Department - Ministry of Science & Technology, said: "This is one of stamps applying the state-of-art technology with highest safety. On the one hand, it helps protect the interests of consumers; on the other hand, it also helps the authorities to fight with radical problem of counterfeit and pirated goods”.


According to a survey by Standards and Consumer Protection Association of Vietnam  (Vinastas), 62% of consumers have encountered counterfeit goods without recognizing. Counterfeit/ fake and poor quality goods have been causing bad effects on the production, food security, consumers’ health and environment in Vietnam. The spread of counterfeit goods causes damage to the reputation of the brand, declining market share of manufacturers, worsening business and investment environment in the country. For the Sanitary ware industry, especially the shower hose products, counterfeit goods and pirated goods threatens the consumers’ health because of the content of heavy metal which exceeds the safety standards and bad quality materials for the products.

Mr. Shinji Ito, General Manager of LIXIL Vietnam Company Limited, said: "LIXIL Vietnam is always striving with our motto “With the application of anti-counterfeit stamps for the new generation handheld showerheads of INAX brand, we are committed to continuous improvement, product quality enhancement to meet our customer satisfaction, and strengthen the protection of consumer rights and interests”.