INAX - 20 years of innovation for a good living

19:46 | 09/11/2016 Companies

(VEN) - November 9th, 2016 LIXIL Vietnam Co., Ltd., celebrates the 20th anniversary of the presence of INAX brand in Vietnam market and launches the new Aqua Ceramic technology.

INAX - 20 years of innovation for a good living

Mr. Tadashi Arishiro, LIXIL Water Technology Japan CEO

INAX brand has a 90-year history of successful development and is one of the leading sanitary ware producers in Japan market. INAX has been presented in Vietnam market since 1996, and in January 1998, the first factory in Vietnam began operation. So far, INAX has scaled up to 7 porcelain factories, 1 faucet factory and 1 exterior brick factory, with 8,000 stores throughout the country. The flagship products of INAX include: sanitary ware, shower faucets, ceramic tiles, water heaters, washbasin mounted cabinets, construction materials for buildings, residential, commercial and public spaces.

Sharing about the future of INAX, Mr. Masahiko Hiramoto, LIXIL Vietnam Genral Director said: "According to our assessment, the sanitary ware market in Vietnam worths more than 200 million dollars/ year and will continue to increase since the real estate market is recovering. As the No. 1 brand in the market, INAX will always pioneer in the introduction of new technology, new designs as well as products with Japanese quality. On the other hand, we always strive to improve service quality and brand image at our sales system in order to deliver best customer experience".

INAX also shows its social responsibility through practical and meaningful activities such as "Hearts for Kids" Foundation that provides surgery sponsor for children with congenital heart disease in difficult circumstances, community hygiene improving projects and activities associated with the Vietnam Association Architects that give products families and schools in rural and remote areas, etc.

On this occasion, INAX officially launches its Aqua Ceramic technology – a new stain-resistant ceramic technology that promises a clean toilet that lasts a century.

"Aqua Ceramic technology brings outstanding advantages to our products. Firstly, the new Aqua Ceramic technology features super-hydrophilicity performance, which allows the rinse water to penetrate beneath any waste that may have attached to the ceramic, lift it with the power of water, and flush it away. Secondly, Aqua Ceramic utilizes products' structure to prevent Silica in the rinse water from ceramic’s surface. This stops the formation of hard water stains. Finally, super-hydrophilicity material integrates with the ceramic surface, enabling toilets to retain their shine for 100 years”, said Mr. Tadashi Arishiro, LIXIL Water Technology Japan CEO.

INAX has been working for years to develop Aqua Ceramic which has been applied in its mainstay household-use toilet series in Japan beginning April 2016. Remarkably, products with Aqua Ceramic have just achieved Good Design Gold Award 2016. Good Design Award has been a sole comprehensive design evaluation and recommendation system in Japan since 1957, that picks good design out of a variety of unfolding phenomena, and aims to enrich our lives, industries, and society as a whole by highlighting and celebrating these works.

In Vietnam, this technology has been deployed on a range of products with the price unchanged. By introducing the new technology, INAX proves its pioneer position in technology and enhances its leading position in sanitary industry in Vietnam.


LIXIL is the Japanese largest producer of housing and building materials and is a consortium of the country's 5 leading manufacturers and suppliers, which include INAX brand with 90-year history of development. Since April 1st, 2011, INAX was merged into LIXIL Group who owns many other brands such as: Grohe, American Standard, INAX (bathroom equipment, architectural brick) and TOSTEM (aluminum windows). Vietnam is also considered as one of the key markets in Asia by LIXIL Group.


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