Improving power supply for HCMC residents

10:22 | 31/07/2017 Industry

(VEN) - By modernizing technical infrastructure, applying advanced management systems, and improving human resources and service quality, the Ho Chi Minh City Power Corporation (EVN HCMC) is expected to make the power system of Ho Chi Minh City as modern as those in other major cities in the region by 2020.  

EVN HCMC installs underground cables

EVN HCMC says it has planned comprehensive science and technology application to improve labor productivity, reliability of power supply and customer service quality, minimize power losses, improve and develop a safe electrical system, gradually modernize grids, and develop smart grids in the future.

EVN HCMC targets to 2020 are to make all of its 110kV and 220kV transformer stations fully automated, and automate its systems that supervise, control, optimize and manage generation, transmission and power distribution.

In 2017, the corporation has developed smart grids in the Quang Trung Software City (QTSC), the Hi-Tech Park, the office and trade center of District 1, the Mieu Noi residential area in Binh Thanh District, and the residential area of District 7. At the same time, EVN HCMC will accelerate the application of information and communication technology in management by improving its database system, effectively implementing the automation program, and increasing the use of specialized software in grid calculation and operation.

The corporation also set targets of keeping the average per-customer power interruptions to less than 174 minutes per year by developing N-1 standard grids, ensuring each customer is supplied with electricity from two sources, procuring support equipment and applying the Program Management Information System (PMIS) for incident prevention. EVN HCMC recently doubled the number of live-line repair teams to avoid power cuts during grid maintenance.

An EVN HCMC representative says that from now to 2020, the corporation will construct new 220kV and 110kV transformer stations totaling 3,000MVA and 3,500MVA in capacity, respectively, associated with 39km and 100km of 220kV and 110kV power transmission lines. At the same time, the corporation will continue its underground grid development program.

EVN HCMC will focus on reforming its procedures, continue grid modernization, apply information technology to management and operation, and clarify responsibilities of organizations and individuals in operation and management to improve customer service quality. In February 2017, the corporation issued industrial processes of power supply through medium voltage grids, aimed at shortening the time it takes to access electricity.

The corporation will continue the training of specialists for such areas as smart grid, advanced metering, electricity market, project management, and information technology.

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