Improving control of occupational diseases

10:31 | 09/12/2015 Society

(VEN) - Vietnam and many other countries are facing environmental pollution at workplaces as well as problems in terms of occupational health. Therefore, ensuring occupational health and safety and controlling occupational diseases are essential issues in the current context.

Improving control of occupational diseases

Enterprises need to raise responsibility to ensure occupational health and safety

According to the Ministry of Health, nearly 28,000 workers in Vietnam currently suffer from occupational diseases. Pneumoconiosis is the most common disease among 30 occupational diseases included in the list of health insurance payments, accounting for 74 percent of the number of cases. Lung diseases including silicosis and asbestos lung disease as hardening of patients’ lungs cause a loss of working capacity and sometimes can lead to death.

Vietnam has paid attention to ensuring occupational health and safety and controlling occupational diseases. Vietnam has participated in many conventions as well as documents of the International Labor Organization (ILO) to ensure all benefits to workers. In addition, policies and laws related to the rights of Vietnamese workers have been considered.

Vietnam has developed the Law on Occupational Health and Safety that will take effect on July 1, 2016. The law has many improvements compared to other countries in the region such as requiring employers to ensure occupational health and safety and working conditions. In particular, employees are provided information on risk and harmful factors at workplaces and preventive measures and are subject to a labor protection regime, healthcare and medical examination.

Vietnam Asia-Pacific Economic Center (VAPEC) General Director, Prof. Vo Dai Luoc said that to control occupational diseases and ensure occupational health and safety, businesses and manufacturing facilities need to seriously and fully implement legal provisions in terms of occupational health and safety, strengthen propaganda to raise labor awareness and adopt preventive measures at workplaces. In addition, authorities should promote inspection and supervision and strictly handle violations according to law.

According to experts, improving infrastructure and promoting investment in human resources for preventive healthcare services, especially expanding health facilities to do treatment for patients suffering from occupational lung diseases are needed. In addition, forming sanitary documents, surveying working environment and deploying models to prevent occupational diseases at workplaces are mentioned as necessary.

The Central Lung Hospital’s representative said that Vietnam currently has no health facility treating patients suffering from occupational lung diseases. A faculty on occupational lung diseases was established at the Central Lung Hospital to perform emergency, medical examination and treatment, and rehabilitation of patients suffering from lung diseases.


Quynh Nga