Imported waste faces checks

09:30 | 13/07/2015 Science - Technology

All imported waste material will be examined at customs checkpoints, according to a new regulation issued by the General Department of Customs that aims to ensure all waste meets national environmental requirements

Imported waste faces checks

Containers containing waste material sits in Hai Phong Port. All imported waste will be examined at customs checkpoints to ensure it meets national environmental requirements. — Photo

Customs officials have seen a lot of waste materials imported that fail to meet the requirements, posing risks to the environment. The department asked local customs offices to examine waste shipments more closely.

Customs offices will check all batches of imported waste material at customs check points before transporting them to factory and manufacturing units.

The department also urged customs offices to look for loopholes in existing mechanisms and legal policies, report them to the department.

According to the Law on Environmental Protection, waste materials imported into the country must be included on the list of waste materials allowed for import by the Prime Minister. Examinations of imported waste materials must be conducted according to national technical regulations./.

Source: VNS