IMF urges EU to open jobs market to refugees

10:55 | 26/01/2016 Cooperation

The surge of Middle East refugees into Europe will help boost the economic growth of the continent over the short term.

IMF urges EU to open jobs market to refugees

Migrants gathered at Gevgelija, Macedonia after crossing the border between Greece and Macedonia (Photo: AFP)

However, long-term impacts will depend on the efforts of countries in integrating the newcomers. This is the statement from IMF study, "The Refugee Surge in Europe: Economic Challenges", released on Wednesday.

According to IMF, opening jobs market for refugees will help countries lessen the risk of refugees becoming burdens on state budget in the future and quick labor market integration can unlock the economic benefits of the refugee inflow.

Moreover, these efforts will help minimize social exclusion for the refugees and also allow them to contribute to the public finances in the long term.

Focusing on economic issues, the study will be presented at the World Economic Forum in Davos, Switzerland, this week./.


Source: VOV5