Hybrid operation room – The future surgical theatre

11:42 | 01/08/2018 Science - Technology

Hybrid Operation Room (Hybrid OR) is a multifunctional integrated surgical theatre which offers significant benefits in terms of clinical applications and patient safety.

Hybrid OR is an operation room that integrates advanced diagnosis, intervention and surgical devices all in one surgical area. This integration makes endoscopy and less invasive intervention easier and safer for all medical specialties. Owing to the new generation of endoscopes, surgery is ensured to be of the best quality possible, which will help to provide images of the interior of the body in different angles. Diagnostic imaging equipment such as sliding CT or robotic angiography systems is also equipped with 3D imaging technology. Moreover, the Hybrid OR helps reduce time and negative risks such as infection during patient transfers from the Radiology Department to the OR. This is necessary for medical specialties like cardiology, trauma, orthopedic, neuro, lithotripsy and oncology.

The Hybrid OR solutions by Karl Storz and Siemens Healthineers shall be provided and installed by Nhat Minh Medical JSC.

Being known as a leading company working in the field of devices and instrument development for minimal invasion surgery, Karl Storz has made significant moves in 2010 in terms of surgical quality improvement with the introduction of Karl Storz Advance OR1TM Suite, integrated control system – an essential part of a Hybrid OR. “OR1TM Suite is designed not only for performing the surgical procedure, but also results in improved ergonomic performance, better team communication, workflow optimization, and ultimately a reduction in surgical and turnover time”, Ms Anna Frizt, Chief Representative of Karl Storz in Vietnam, Laos and Cambodia stated, “This allows the hospital to take full advantage of all their systems to better serve their patients and improve surgical outcomes. Currently, there are more than 6000 OR1 integrated surgical rooms that have been installed and operated worldwide.”

Hybrid operation room

OR1 integrated surgical rooms has continuous upgrading capabilities with functions as central controlling, on site and online archiving, video and audio streaming within the hospital or externally worldwide, and ceiling C-arm for OR equipment. This system helps with establishing a connection in the operating room with a hospital informatics management system (HIS), thereby enabling doctors to extract clinical cases, subclinical testing results and imaging results for consultation before and during the operation at the OR.

Mr. Fabrice Leguet, General Director of Siemens Healthineers in Vietnam added “The Hybrid OR is the future surgical theatre of today. Despite many companies offering different solutions for Hybrid OR worldwide, at Siemens Healthineers, we are proud to be the only one who is capable of providing the Angio CT solution wherein the CT system can be used for two combination rooms. This helps to improve the efficiency of the CT systems and provide support for better, faster and safer surgical techniques on patients.”

The Hybrid OR also requires the integration between diagnostic and intervention devices with a specialized surgical bed for complex operating cases. Siemens Healthineers is the sole provider who can integrate dual level angiography system and specialized surgical bed for complex neurosurgery operations.