HVN to deploy safe driving programs for 2015

16:38 | 17/08/2015 Society

Following the success of safe driving activities of the past years, HVN’s safe driving experts have continued to cooperate with 13 dealers across the country to deploy a new safe driving training program for all customers and organizations/companies/agencies across the country starting from 2015 July.

HVN to deploy safe driving programs for 2015

The program aims to improve safe driving knowledge and skills for car owners across the country, thus ‘training’ their traffic behaviors and helping reduce car accidents.

To begin the program, HVN has cooperated with Honda Thanh Hoa to successfully organize the first training session in 2015, with trainees being traffic polices from the Thanh Hoa Traffic Police Division.

Throughout the first session, traffic police officers were guided with safe driving knowledge and skills, both practically and theoretically.

At the end of the session, the officers were awarded with certificates of participation. Honda Thanh Hoa and HVN are expected to deploy more training programs for inpiduals and organizations in Thanh Hoa in the near future.

Traffic police officers to receive the certificates upon completing the training session

HVN hopes that the program will be able to help the traffic police officers gain more knowledge on traffic safety as well as improve driving skills.

HVN will expand the training programs with at least 25 more sessions across the country by 2016./.

Source: Autonet


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