Huong Que builds brand name with high-quality products

09:55 | 08/11/2017 Economy- Society

(VEN) - During a visit to Quang Nam Province businessman Nguyen Xuan Son saw the Tra My fragrant and hot cinnamon harvested by the Co Dong people. They told him about their difficulties in selling finished cinnamon products and the depletion of cinnamon trees, which are very familiar to local people and provide a valuable source of herbal medicine.

huong que builds brand name with high quality products
Company director Nguyen Xuan Son (3rd from the L) invited businessman David from Australia to a Tra My cinnamon garden in March 2016

Son then started to think about how to create high value from cinnamon for the community, help people in the Tra My mountain area sell cinnamon in a stable manner, make daily and safe products from cinnamon for sales at a reasonable price. This is why the Huong Que Company was established for production of insoles and products from cinnamon and ginger grown in Tra My.

Realizing that establishing a brand name must be based on the quality of products and the reputation of the company, Son has come back to Tra My many times to teach farmers about restricting pesticides and reaching the level of pesticide residue safety. In the meantime, he has intensively invested in factories, equipment and training.

With continuous efforts, after two years of operation, Huong Que gained a foothold in the domestic market in 2006. At the same time, the company received the first order of export to Germany, marking a turning point in conquering the global market.

Step by step the company has promoted R & D activities to improve products, while at the same time training and retraining workers.

The company’s products are currently available in 11 countries and are about to enter Russia and the US. As for the domestic market, Huong Que has conquered most big-name distribution channels such as Big C, Vinmart, Coopmart, Aeon Mart and Medicare.

Insoles are Huong Que’s key products with an annual output of more than one million pairs, which are tested independently at home and abroad to ensure safety and environmental-friendliness standards.

Apart from that, the company makes various kinds of slippers for use indoor at homes, hotels and resorts. In particular, the S line belly gel and J-sure back belt made with traditional herbal medicine have won the heart of users.

Huong Que Company director Nguyen Xuan Son says that the more science and technology develop, the greener, cleaner, safer and more environmentally friendly the daily products must be. With that in mind, the company has increased production from year to year with a target to reach three million units by 2020. The company also plans to expand its factories and promote innovations to keep up with demand.

Cinnamon is a key crop for the ethnic groups of Co, Co Dong and Xe in Quang Nam Province’s Tra My mountain area. Tra My cinnamon (cinnamonnum cassia) is the number one among the four species of cinnamon growing in Indochina with the content of aldehyt cinnamic accounting for 95 percent of the cinnamon oil.

According to the traditional medicine, cinnamon is a valuable medicinal ingredient as it stimulates blood circulation, increases excretion, lowers sugar and fat levels, helps fight bacterial and fungal infections and stomachache, and helps brighten and smooth skin.

According to the Co, Co Dong and Xe people in Tra My, cinnamon helps cure common illnesses such as flu, headache and cold. For this reason, people who regularly use cinnamon can prevent these illnesses.

Vu Le