Hung Yen Province tightens market inspections

06:00 | 27/09/2022 Society

(VEN) - While the economy is gradually recovering from the COVID-19 pandemic, smuggling remains a problem. The Market Surveillance Department in the Red River Delta Province of Hung Yen has tightened inspection and control measures to combat counterfeiting, smuggling and fraudulent trading.

hung yen province tightens market inspections
Monitoring petroleum trading activities

Synchronous measures

In the first six months of 2022, the department carried out three inspections of food, cosmetics and fertilizers. It issued 16 documents guiding market surveillance teams on measures to prevent smuggling and trade fraud related to cigarettes and refined sugar, as well as the transportation and trade in illegally imported poultry and poultry products of unclear origin. The department also instructed surveillance teams to conduct unannounced inspections of trading establishments suspected of counterfeiting.

The department recently referred a suspected cosmetics counterfeiting case in An Thi District to the provincial police for investigation. The department handled another counterfeiting case related to ink cartridge production in Van Lam District and reported it to the chair of the provincial people’s committee. The case was handed over to the department by the provincial police’s investigation agency.

The department has provided consultancy for Steering Committee 389 of Hung Yen Province on the fight against smuggling, counterfeiting and fraudulent trading in the province’s administrative units, including eight districts, My Hao Town and Hung Yen City.

hung yen province tightens market inspections
Market Surveillance Team No. 5 has seized 2,440 COVID-19 test kits and 54,480 Lianhua Qingwen Jiaonang capsules of unclear origin

Effective implementation

From now to year’s end, the department will focus its efforts on effectively implementing the tasks assigned by the government, National Steering Committee 389, the Ministry of Industry and Trade, the Vietnam Directorate of Market Surveillance, the People’s Committee of Hung Yen Province, and the provincial Steering Committee 389 in the fight against counterfeiting, smuggling and fraudulent trading.

At the same time, the department will continue guiding market surveillance teams to coordinate with relevant forces in inspecting and monitoring establishments trading in essential goods.

The department will maintain the exchange of information with the provincial police and specialized inspectors to enhance the effectiveness of market controls, while continuing to guide the fight against violations of intellectual property rights.

In the first half of 2022, the Hung Yen Market Surveillance Department reviewed 486 suspected cases, handled 187 of them and reported three cases to the provincial people’s committee for application of penalties on administrative violations, with total fines amounting to nearly VND1.97 billion.

Dang Hinh