Hung Yen Power Company: Reliable service

08:00 | 25/09/2022 Society

(VEN ) - The Hung Yen Power Company has applied new technologies in production and trade, especially in the construction, maintenance and repair of the 22kV power grid. 

hung yen power company reliable service
The company’s hotline team working in Hung Yen City

In late 2018, the company established a hotline team to conduct maintenance and repairs on 22kV live lines of the power grid without power cuts. The expertise and flexibility of the hotline team help save time and minimize power loss, enhancing labor productivity and improving power supply, and meeting growing customer demand, especially of offices, production facilities and trading companies.

The hotline team of the Hung Yen Power Company consists of nine members, all with high technical qualifications and skills. To meet work requirements, members of the hotline team were sent to training courses as guided by the Northern Power Corporation.

Hinh Nguyen