Hung Yen improves industry promotion quality

11:48 | 16/11/2015 Industry

(VEN) - Hung Yen Province will simplify administrative procedures and raise additional resources to further improve the quality of industry promotion activities.

Hung Yen improves industry promotion quality

Industry promotion activities in Hung Yen have created jobs and regular incomes for nearly 700 local workers

This year, it has been approved for Hung Yen Province to receive VND1.38 billion from the national budget for industry promotion. The provincial industry and trade promotion center has developed effective industry promotion projects using this source of capital.

The local budget for industry promotion in 2015 has been approved to be disbursed in two phases. In the first phase, the center coordinated with the Thong Nhat Garment Joint Stock Company in Tien Lu District’s Thu Sy Commune, and the Chau Hung Garment Joint Stock Company in Khoai Chau District’s Dan Tien Commune to organize five classes to provide industrial sewing training for 175 workers. In the second phase, the center has coordinated with rural industrial facilities in the province to prepare for further development of industrial sewing training projects and promote the use of advanced machinery in production.

Last year, industry promotion projects in the province received funds totaling VND1.66 billion from both central and local budgets, generating jobs for a lot of rural workers and encouraging rural industrial facilities to invest in expanding production.

Hung Yen Province People’s Committee Vice Chairman Dang Minh Ngoc said that despite limited budget, industry promotion activities in the locality had been persified and gradually improved in terms of quality. These activities have created jobs and regular incomes for nearly 700 local workers, while at the same time promoting technology transfer and the use of modern machinery and equipment at some small and medium-sized businesses. Through these activities, eight groups of products have been recognized as outstanding rural industrial products at a provincial level, and three groups recognized at a regional level.

However, Ngoc added, industry promotion activities in Hung Yen Province still revealed many problems. Specifically, the popularization of technical demonstration models remains ineffective; the dissemination of new technologies has yet to be developed on a regular basis; industry promotion activities have yet to provide consultancy in fields such as business start-up, seeking production space, and applying new technologies in production.

These problems are attributed to various reasons. Specifically, most rural industrial facilities in Hung Yen are small-sized with limited financial capacity and have almost no demand to expand production. Moreover, the province still lacks industry promotion officials at a communal level - this makes it difficult to develop industry promotion projects. Complicated administrative procedures are another factor hindering the development of industry promotion projects.

The Hung Yen Department of Industry and Trade has provided the provincial industry and trade promotion center with guidance so that it can help rural industrial facilities overcome difficulties and benefit the most from industry promotion projects.

The provincial industry and trade promotion center will continue intensifying vocational training, while at the same disseminating industry promotion policies and providing rural businesses with consultancy in the fields of market development and brand building.

Hai Linh