Hue recognizes six more traditional craft villages

08:54 | 09/06/2016 Industry

Authorities of central Hue city have added six more villages to the list of recognised traditional crafts in an attempt to preserve and develop these crafts. These are the villages of Phong Son (conical hat making), Hien Luong (blacksmith), Van Trinh (net making), and A Dua and A Hot zeng (fabric weaving), in addition to Sinh village (making paintings).

Hue recognizes six more traditional craft villages

Craft products displayed at the Hue Festival

The crafts originated centuries ago since the formation of the villages and today the villagers maintain the crafts for their livelihood. Hue is home to a lot of traditional craft villages as artisans from other localities once gathered here to serve the royal needs during the time Hue was the feudal capital under the Nguyen Dynasty (1802-1945)’s rule.

Many of the village remain their production and manage to adapt to modern life. Local authorities have made the list of 16 traditional craft villages and other 10 craft communities to monitor and support their development./.


Source: VOV5