How technology can make school learning fun

18:00 | 10/08/2021 Science - Technology

(VEN) - Personalization in learning has been widely applied in schools around the world, helping teachers transmit knowledge effectively based on the ability of each student. Although this method is not new in Vietnam, it has not been widely integrated into the education technology of school curricula.

how technology can make school learning fun
Toppy helps students enjoy and study more effectively subjects

The personalized learning trend

The personalized education model has become a basic requirement of education in the Industry 4.0 era. The biggest barrier of “student-centered” education is to deal with the difference between each individual's receptive capacity, learning needs and interests, and to keep students engaged despite the competition from Facebook, Tiktok, Youtube, and other media.

According to research by the National School of Education, a specialized agency of the British Ministry of Education, the personalized learning model focuses on individual differences, uncovering what motivates students to learn, practice or what they need to study effectively. This approach values ​​the learning process, not the teaching process; allows teachers to identify limitations, strengths, weaknesses and properly assess students' abilities, thereby encouraging them to take ownership and be more responsible for self-improvement of their knowledge.

The recent success of India's Education Startup Byju's has clearly demonstrated the trend and effectiveness of technology application and the personalized learning model. After the latest funding round of US$340 million announced in early June 2021, this startup was valued at US$16.5 billion, surpassing the US$16 billion level of financial technology company Paytm. Other famous names pursuing this model include Khan Academy, IXL, VIPKids, and Yuanfudao, among others, which are developing rapidly, especially in the wake of the Covid-19 pandemic.

how technology can make school learning fun

In Vietnam, Prime Ministerial Decision 749/QD-TTg states that educational innovation through the application of technology is a national development and competition strategy, included in the “National Digital Transformation Program to 2025, with a vision to 2030”. At the same time, traditional education, which is one of the sectors hit hard by the pandemic, has also created great opportunities for educational technology (Edtech) solutions. However, the field is still very fragmented and focuses mainly on digitizing teaching materials and providing pre-recorded video-based learning solutions, lacking high-quality innovative educational platforms, applications, deep application of big data and artificial intelligence, especially throughout the 12-year school system.

Toppy: Edtech application of Vietnamese wisdom

Dao Lan Huong, Founder of Teky Young Technological Innovation Institute, realized the needs and requirements of educational innovation through technology. “Due to Covid-19, we have realized a quality educational platform is the most effective vaccine for learning disillusionment, social network addiction, game addiction. This is why Teky developed the personalization application - to help students enjoy and study more effectively subjects such as math, physics, chemistry and English in high school. In addition, we also help students nationwide to learn online with the best teachers at a much lower cost than the traditional teaching model that requires facilities, especially given the shortage of resources for tutors and good teachers among provinces. Toppy is a pioneer in combining both personalized learning technology and the teacher's direct role in tutoring.”

Toppy's solution is a combination of video lectures with an interesting and attractive form of transmitting knowledge, helping children enjoy learning. It includes a system of self-practice exercises with a variety of methods of expression and a rich repository of exam questions for basic subjects such as math, physics, chemistry and English. Mobile applications help students learn anytime, anywhere, and personalized technology helps optimize learning capacity, limiting boredom while studying.

In addition to self-practice, students can choose to study live with Toppy's tutors and teachers. Le Quang Tuan, chief architect of Toppy, said, “Without the support of technology, when a good teacher is in charge of many classes, teaching hundreds of students a year, one-on-one tutoring for all students is impossible. Instead of putting all the responsibility on the shoulders of one or a few teachers, the Toppy platform will assume the responsibility of providing a reasonable curriculum tailored to each student's unique requirements. Good teachers will gradually transform into tutors, promoting each student's motivation.”

With Toppy, parents can easily monitor their children's learning progress and coordinate effectively with teachers.

Toppy has become one of the most downloaded school online learning apps and reached the finals of the Tech Planter competition for “deep tech” startups, development of science and technology solutions in Southeast Asia. On June 24, the Asian technology research site TechInAsia listed Toppy as a top educational technology provider in Southeast Asia.

Toppy offers a free trial until the end of August 2021. Parents, students and teachers can visit the website or download the Toppy app on their phones.

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