Household Businesses Help Thoi Lai Escape Poverty

14:56 | 12/10/2011 Economy- Society

(VEN) - During the past nearly three years, from a poor district faced by numerous difficulties, Thoi Lai has built material facilities along with efforts to promote household businesses which have helped many families escape poverty. Vietnam Economic News' Huong Giang spoke with Nguyen Thanh Danh, the chairman of the People's Committee of Thoi Lai District.

In late 2008, Thoi Lai District of the city of Can Tho was established with part of natural area and population of Co Do District. Thoi Lai District consists of 13 communes and townships. It has total area of 25,566.30ha and a population of 120,964 people.

Could you say in brief about the situation of Thoi Lai District's economic development in the recent period?

In early 2009, the Standing Committee of the Communist Party Committee of Thoi Lai District released Resolution 06 providing guidelines for local people to develop household businesses. Under the guidance of the district's Communist Party Committee, people in communes and townships have been encouraged to plant fruit trees of high economic value, improve irrigation canals and fish ponds, develop animal husbandry, grow high-quality rice, develop aquaculture, grow other kinds of cereal crops instead of summer-autumn rice, and grow cereal crops in upland areas. To promote household businesses, Thoi Lai District has checked the plans made for each area and invested in upgrading dykes to control floods. Relevant organizations in all communes and townships have been guided to increase propaganda, open classes to transfer new farming techniques to farmers, facilitate their access to loans as well as high-quality plant varieties and animal breeds, and create favorable conditions for farmers to restructure plant and animal husbandry. So far, new rice varieties which are of high yield and high quality have been grown on 70 percent of the total area of rice fields in Thoi Lai District. As a result of efforts to promote household businesses, Thoi Lai District has been able to create an annual production value of more than VND60 million from each hectare of agricultural land.

Could you share the targets which Thoi Lai District has set for 2011-2015?

In terms of economic development, the district will gradually increase the percentage of industrial and craft production, trade and services as well as hi-tech agriculture. The average GDP (Gross Domestic Product) growth is projected to be 12-13 percent per year; per-capita income to reach VND25 million by 2015; the annual rice output to be 290,000 tonnes or higher; revenue from trade and services to exceed VND700 billion; investment in development to total about VND4 trillion.

In terms of infrastructure, especially in the field of land transport, the district will concrete all roads between hamlets and communes to ensure that all the 13 communes and townships of Thoi Lai can be accessed by car.

What will Thoi Lai do to realize the set targets?

The district will develop material production areas to expand the processing industry to serve export and domestic consumer demands. At the same time, it will promote traditional crafts to generate more jobs for local people. Thoi Lai will develop the engineering industry to serve the industrialization of agricultural production. It will build two trade centers in Thoi Lai and Truong Xuan townships. Private companies will be offered incentives and preferences to expand production and business activities. The district encourages local businesses to pay more attention to building and developing brands and improve the quality of products. It is intensifying the application of new farming techniques in agricultural production while at the same time accelerating the construction of new agricultural areas. Thoi Lai is developing agriculture in the model of polyculture to create high economic values./.