Honors, awards drive rural industrial development

10:00 | 13/01/2021 Industry

(VEN) - Vietnam has found that awarding prizes and honoring typical rural industrial products are of great value in industry promotion.

honors awards drive rural industrial development

Outstanding rural industrial products continue to be prioritized for support

The Tam Dao Honey Bee Joint Stock Company in Binh Xuyen District of Vinh Phuc Province is a telling example. Three of its products - nano curcumin, passion-honey juice and royal jelly - were recognized as typical rural industrial products at the national level in 2019. Most recently, the company’s healthcare food products have been selected as regional rural industrial products and have risen to the national award selection process. The promotion of its products has helped the company establish its brand name, mobilize more than 30 distributors, 500 agents and retail stores nationwide. The company’s products have also been successfully exported.

According to the Agency for Regional Industry and Trade under the Ministry of Industry and Trade (MoIT), in the six years from 2014 to 2020, the unit held 12 votes on typical rural industrial products at regional level and three votes at national level. It honored 880 regional products and 312 national products selected for their high quality and potential for production development and market expansion.

In order to expand product output, the MoIT has also directed relevant agencies and units to organize conferences to connect enterprises and rural industrial production establishments to spur consumption. Such supply-demand connection conferences help businesses and rural industry establishments introduce and promote their typical products and penetrate distribution chains. Currently, more than 300 products out of a total of 1,192 typical rural industrial products selected at regional and national levels are being introduced into the nationwide distribution system by major distributors such as BigC, Hapro, Vinmart and Lotte Mart.

The National Industry Promotion Program (NIPP) for the 2021-2025 period calls for stepped up selection and awards activity and for supporting 350 rural industrial establishments in building and registering product trademarks. It calls for helping rural industry establishments participate in 45 domestic exhibitions and 13 overseas fairs in order to display, introduce and advertise typical rural industrial products and fine arts handicraft products.

The 2021-2025 plan also calls for supporting the application of information technology, digital transformation in advertising and development of rural industrial products, and construction of databases on products, industries and markets.

The National Industry Promotion Program for the 2021-2025 period will support construction, trademark registration and investment in showrooms and introduction of rural industrial products associated with tourism and residential areas, and administrative centers at district, provincial and central levels.

Hoang Lan